Book Talk: Who Are Fracony? by Eliade Moldovan

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Intellectually stimulating from start to finish.

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Whether in the twentieth century or the twenty-fifth, whether there are twenty-eight billion people or half a billion, the same uncertainties plague man. Technology did not resolve them. Neither did Armageddon wipe them clean. On the contrary, these uncertainties continue to pulsate like the ever-vibrating universe and, in the process, have become collective consciousness.

In this sci-fi masterpiece, Who Are Fracony?, author Eliade Moldovan gives us a glimpse of the earth of the future and allows us a chance to untangle with our reading the insistent social issues that are relevant today.

The year is 2427.

Reduced to two continents and a population of half a billion, Earth is not the same planet it once was. The end of the world did come to pass, courtesy of man’s own destructive ways—a nuclear apocalypse and a genetically engineered virus. While man awaited the end in trepidation, a type V civilization previously unknown intervened. The Fracony saved humankind twice, revealing their existence in the solar system and their settlement in one of Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Coexisting with the Fracony, man is accosted by a new set of beliefs: out there somewhere, in the vast expanse of space or perhaps in another universe, type VII creatures exist. They are the gods who create and destroy universes and civilizations, and they are gods who can be influenced. The god of man is one such type VII creature, and once upon a time, the universe existed even before God’s creation.

Eliade Moldovan’s Who Are Fracony? is not your regular easy page-turner. Its effectiveness lies in the pauses it demands so that a point can be mulled over—perhaps even before reaching the final points of the book, the reader has alreadyreconciled the personal dilemmas the book has stirred within him.

In this sense, Who Are Fracony? is as much a philosophical discourse as it is science fiction. It is rife with symbolism—from Quinn, head of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the man who stands in resistance to the Fracony; Clara, the secretary who bridges humans to the Fracony; to Arram, the power-hungry leader of a secret society who is willing to kill and exploit the media.

And so, Armageddon may change the face of the earth, but unless it resets man’s consciousness, man remains the same man. Who, indeed, are Fracony?

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" Intellectually stimulating from start to finish."

—A Alcott, The BookWalker

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Who Are Fracony?by Eliade Moldovan

ISBN 978-1077079182

267 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

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Born in Romania under the oppressive communist regime, Eliade Moldovan had a dream, that one day he may join the free world.

But life has unexpected turns, and in 1989 the communist regimes in East Europe fell one after the other. He had high hopes for a new society and a new life. But this did not happen, the damage done during the fifty years of a dictatorial and cruel regime left deep wounds into the society, that could not re-conciliate itself with the new realities. He was torn apart, his family deserved better opportunities, and decided to immigrate to Canada, and Canada opened its arms for him and his family in 1993.

Today he lives in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife. They enjoy vacations and have traveled around the world, exploring nature and undertaking the occasional adventurous trips. In Toronto, they enjoy their ballroom dancing weekends and look forward to babysitting their lovely grandson.

Eliade is funny, open-minded. But his books show the other side of his personality, defying taboos, and not hesitating to warn about the problems our society is facing. Eliade writes sci-fi/fantasy books, but the reader can easily relate his stories to sensitive questions the humanity is facing. ​

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