Book Discovery: Big Cheeks at Squirrely Beach by Laura Planck

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The beach has never been this fun!

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Squirrely Beach is a fun place by the ocean where cute little ground squirrels play under the sun. If you listen really well, you’ll hear their contagious laughter, and if you look really close, you’ll see their colorful tiny swimsuits.

The squirrels have lots of friends at the beach. They play hide-and-seek with Angel, the friendly squirrel-loving dog. They love to run and tumble around. They play limbo with crabs and build castles in the sand. To make sure the beach is safe for the silly squirrels, Big Cheeks and his friends are always on patrol.

The squirrels also love to surf. The Squirrely Whirrely Boogie Board Contest is a surfing competition. To everybody’s surprise, Sharkie joins the event, but he gets too close to the shore. Pelican Pete steps right in to lend a hand. Together with his friends, Pelican Pete pulls Sharkie back to the water and saves the day. The day at the beach sure taught the squirrels and their friends a lesson about friendship, empathy, and cooperation.

Big Cheeks at Squirrely Beach is a delightful story for preschool children. It teaches the importance of friendship and working together to achieve a goal. Author Laura Planck included beach pictures with cartoon characters that will surely capture the attention of the little ones. The funny characters will surely become favorites!

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Big Cheeks at Squirrely Beach is a fun book for all children who love the beach. The messages of friendship and helping others adds to the story. The illustrations are a mix of real beach pictures with the cartoon characters.I will be giving my copy, which I won from Goodreads, to my grandchildren."

—Gail Lynch, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Big Cheeks is a heartwarming story with adorable squirrels and other lovable characters. Such a sweet book, great for children ages 3-5 years. Finding the squirrels’ hiding places and reading the subtle Christian scriptures makes it a wonderful story time for young children to enjoy. A very clever book with actual landscape photos of a local dog beach."

—Richard Martinez, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Big Cheeks at Squirrely Beach by Laura Planck

ISBN 978-1973605768

28 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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I've been blessed as a graphic designer for forty years. When I retired, I wanted to illustrate and write children's books. It has been a dream of mine since High School.My family and I live in Southern California.

We take our dog Angel to the local dog beach where my story takes place. The ground squirrel families live around the rocks and enjoy being feed by the people visiting the beach. My experience comes from a fulfilled life of being a Christian mom, wife, and business owner. I desire to continue to use my talents for God. I want my books to put a big smile on children's faces and give them good wholesome stories to read.

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