Book Talk: Jazzy and Kettle by Rick Quinn

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A colorful and fun way to teach kids independence and self-love.

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Let kids be kids!

Early one morning, Jazzy ventures out of the house to dance and enjoy the sun. Her mother was right to name her Jazzy. Dancing is her favorite thing to do.

This morning is extra special. Jazzy meets a new friend, Kettle. By way of introduction, he says, “My mom calls me that because when something good happens, I make a noise like a tea kettle, like woooooooo!”

Just like that, Jazzy and Kettle become fast friends. They decide to explore their new neighborhood together and set off for the woods nearby. There, the two kids find flowers of different shapes and colors. They also meet furry animals and colorful birds. When they come upon a little bit of trouble, none of their parents are there to help, so Jazzy and Kettle find ways to solve the challenge on their own. In the process, they learn there’s so much they can do even as kids. Courage, respect, and real, honest-to-goodness friendship become valuable lessons too. Finally, they learn to accept their differences and to love themselves.

Author Rick Quinn is a father of four who enjoys reading to his kids. His goal in publishing Jazzy and Kettle is to encourage parents to give their kids room to grow on their own. Kids instinctively know how to be kids, and parents should give them opportunities to discover the world around them, learn from their mistakes, and learn to love and appreciate themselves.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Memorable read and full of love. Rick has created characters with real deep emotions. This book is a great way to introduce the topic of independence and self-care to youngsters and help them better understand their emotions."

—Issa Nayberg, The BookWalker

" This is a sweet story about new friends who go exploring. They support each other and have new experiences along the way. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful and engaging for all. I can't wait to read it to my grandsons."

—Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" I read this book to two of my grandchildren. One this age 4 and the other age 6. They both really enjoyed it. It also gave us a lot to talk about. The simple fact that two very different kids could get together and not only accept each other, but also learn from each other is so important in this day and age."

—Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" The majority of the dialog in the book is between Jazzy and Kettle. Together they experience and discover things they each enjoy, fear, appreciate, and even some problem solving. In the end, they both learn to value each other from their time together. As an adult, I wanted the story to continue! Enjoy!"

—John Duffy, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

What Parents Need To Know

What parents need to know. Jazzy and Kettle is a memorable read and full of love. Rick Quinn has created characters with real deep emotions. This book is a great way to introduce the topic of independence and self-care to youngsters and help them better understand their emotions. Wonderfully Illustrated by celebrated digital artist Sefira Lightstone of Sefira Creative.

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Jazzy and Kettle by Rick Quinn

ISBN 978-1480869363

38 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

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About Rick Quinn. Born in Queens Village, New York, 1951. Raised mostly on Long Island. Educated in Catholic Grammar Schools and Public High School, Attended Clemson University.

I learned to read by matching photos from the sports pages of newspapers with the words in the captions below. I developed a good feel for writing by reading the sports columns and political columns of the New York City newspapers, and love for illustrated storytelling from reading Charles Schultz's 'Peanuts' and Gary Trudeau's 'Doonesbury.'My goal in creating Children's Books is to get them excited to learn words. I try to do this by telling a story that makes them curious and happy, and leaves them wanting to hear or see it again!​

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