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Beautifully written. Full of love. Enlightening.

JoAnne Hopkinson,The BookWalker

" The frankness of Beauchemin's writing is a testament to her passion for helping others transform their early life challenges so they, too, can live happier lives. "

Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

Christina Beauchemin invites readers to share an honest yet restorative journey into self-discovery and healing. In her book, Let My Legacy Be Love: A Story of Discovery and Transformation: Tracing Adult Issues to Children Hurts, Beauchemin shares candid and touching stories about the end of her second marriage, unlearning unhealthy habits, and becoming at peace with who she is.

Beauchemin’s journey started at the end of her second marriage. This unexpected journey led her to very early experiences whose pains she has carried through adulthood. She recalls how she was taught to behave like a young girl. As a girl from a big family with parents who are often stressed, frustrated, and volatile, she has learned that emotional displays were not welcome in their home. She coped by mentally dissociating and avoiding emotions as much as she can. She developed unhealthy habits early on that she brought to every relationship, romantic or otherwise, that she has encountered as an adult woman.

Let My Legacy Be Love utilizes the power of storytelling to navigate the road to a true transformation. Because these are real stories, some of them are sad, funny, embarrassing, and always honest. This honesty has inspired the writing of this book to its final form and, more importantly, Beauchemin’s own transformation. With every story, she prompts readers with questions that motivate their own journey to self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" I loved Let My Legacy Be Love!

From the first page, the stories are compelling, and the authorial voice is just right—clear, direct, accessible and wise. The “Discovery” sections at the end of each chapter are a brilliant idea, beautifully executed. Without them, especially during the childhood chapters, this could have been a depressing book; the author’s parents were often nasty to her, there’s no way around it. Beauchemin is right to have forgiven them and moved forward; there’s no value in holding onto hurt and anger, but they were quite a pair. Despite them, and the bad dates and the unhappy relationships, Legacy is not depressing. It’s life-affirming, a phrase that can be overused these days, but here it’s true. I also loved the Biblical quotes at the end of each story. Almost always I thought, Amen!"

—Sandyeggodeb,Amazon Readers' Review

" This is an honest and beautifully written book. It had me within the first few pages and I couldn’t put it down. I could see myself in all the stories. The author shares her stories in a way that makes you feel as if you were there experiencing everything with her. She shares her experiences but also her thoughts and feelings giving you an insight as to what a beautiful person she truly is. This book shows you how you are not alone and that there is possibilities for not only hope but triumph."

Amazon Readers' Review

" I thought I would get little from this but I read it because someone with a delicious mind and spirit said she loved it. This book was much more relevant to my life than I had predicted. It will be for you too."

—Scott Barber, Amazon Readers' Review

" The book is well written, and had me within the first few pages. I love this woman's sweet, sensitive, spirit as she walked us through her journey of some painful childhood issues, and how they affected her decisions as an adult. Her discoveries of how these hurts warped her into the adult who needed healing brings hope to all of us, whether our childhood hurts were seemingly minor, or more damaging- because the child we were -made decisions to deal with life and that filters over into adulthood. I think she was blessed with a positive personality, who always tried to see the glass half full, which helped her embrace her pains, and while she might have made excuses for others, she ultimately recognized herself as an important human being who deserved the best, and saw more easily the boundaries she needed to set. Her faith in God is a thread throughout, and is encouragement as she trusts in His love."

—Adrienne, Amazon Readers' Review

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Let My Legacy Be Love: A Story of Discovery and Transformation: Tracing Adult Issues to Childhood Hurts by Christina Beauchemin

ISBN 978-1982202897

250 Pages

Review by JoAnne Hopkinson

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Christina Beauchemin feels she lives a blessed life. Besides being an author of Let My Legacy Be Love, A Story of Discovery and Transformation, Christina is a speaker and a workshop facilitator for both private and corporate groups. She enjoys her role as a private mentor to those who are looking to transform their lives, and in her spare time, she is a singer/songwriter with two CD projects to her credit.After a couple of missteps that lead to a huge breakthrough, Christina will tell you that she is very happy to be married to her best friend, Rick. She is a mother of 2 grown boys, each of whom is partnered with an incredible woman, and she is a sibling to 8 brothers and two sisters. (Yes, you read that right. Christina has 8 brothers!) A combination of Zumba, yoga, and long walks with her dog, Kye, keep her healthy, and a positive attitude keeps her happy. Her only complaint is her unfortunate allergy to many dark chocolates.

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