Book Talk: Ties That Bind by Cristy L. Paterno

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A heart-wrenching romantic story.

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“First-timers are always expectant, but really, we make our destinies, not the city,” the woman gave Sandy a piece of unsolicited advice.

Sandy did not care about this woman’s advice, as she was sure her life would turn around if she moved to New York.

And turn around it did. It was inevitable after meeting Damian Remington, billionaire heir of Rem Energy and New York’s most sought-after bachelor.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sandy left Tulsa for the Big Apple. There was nothing there for her but a family who walked all over her because she was broke and unmarried. She was the brunt of jokes during family dinners. Her own family compared her to women who successfully snagged rich men from outside town. They compared her to women who had high-paying jobs. They compared her to women who went after what they wanted. She had to leave. For her peace of mind, she had to leave Tulsa.

New York was a natural choice. Even Alicia Keys said that there’s nothing you can’t do in New York. And Sandy listened to Alicia more than she did the pessimistic woman sitting next to her on the train to the Big Apple. She probably had to work hard to make something for herself, but she was not afraid of hard work. With only a few dollars to her name, a few unappealing pieces of clothing, and her dreams, she set foot in New York, looking like all the newcomers captivated by the bright lights and the concrete jungle Alicia sang about. Then there he was the man who would change the course of her life.

Damian was every girl’s dream. Being an heir to a massive trust fund and several of the biggest businesses in New York, Damian never had to lift a finger to get anything he wanted. Everything was handed to him on a silver platter. If that wasn’t enough, Damian had the face and body of a Greek god. He could have any girl in the city, but his eyes fell on the naïve woman from Oklahoma.

Damian swept Sandy off her feet in a whirlwind romance full of expensive dates and adventures in and around New York City. He knew his family would not approve of a woman without pedigree, but he had it really bad for Sandy. Was he ready to denounce his family for the sake of a woman?

Sandy, on her part, could hardly contain her giddy self in spite of the blaring red flags. She ignored the warnings as much as she could. Was it impossible to let them love each other just because he was so rich and she was so poor?

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Very powerful love story!! Good read all the way to end."

—Ryessha, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

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Ties That Bind by Cristy L. Paterno

ISBN 978-1796011876

118 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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Cristy L. Paterno is a debut Romance author with an MBA major in Management graduate from the American Intercontinental University Online, and a BS in Healthcare Management from Harrison College in Anderson, Indiana. She has one book, 'Ties That Bind' under her belt, with several in the works.When she is not writing heartwarming romance, she is reading, writing poems, bowling or listening to country music. Her slogan is, "Love conquers all," and this she shows in all her romance stories. Cristy currently lives in Anderson, South Carolina, with her beloved husband!

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