Book Discovery: Living in Eternity by Efrosini A. Pappas

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Heavyweight. A heartfelt story of recovery from loss and emotional breakdown. Finding life's meaning and purpose through tears. Have a box of tissues ready.

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What is the purpose of grief? Is it just to toughen us up? Does it happen to teach us a lesson? Or, is it the universe playing a cruel joke on us?

Author Efrosini Pappas has undergone grief so unbearable and seemingly unfathomable that it led her to a path of searching for its meaning. In her book, Living In Eternity, she talks about the loss of her son, daughter-in-law with her unborn twins, and her parents. Her experiences living through these life-changing events may not always make for a comfortable read. However, it is always honest, moving, and incredibly open. Besides, life itself is not an exercise of comfort, but like the author in her 50-year quest, it needs to be lived.

Experiencing the loss of her loved ones was the beginning of how her view of life changed. She went on to search for the meaning of life and the place of grief, love, loss, re-connection, and prayer in all of it. She has lost and then found out that those who have left this life is never really gone.

In Living In Eternity, Pappas recognizes that loss, grief, happiness, peace, and all that life places in front of us are not mere coincidences. It is part of our collective destinies. No matter how painful or spectacular each moment is, they are all part of our eternity. This book is written for those who are searching for meaning and an understanding of their destiny. It is not only for those who have experienced tremendous grief. Everyone is welcome.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Efrosini A. Pappas in her book Living in Eternity takes you on a journey in a search for peace after the death of loved ones. Through disbelief of reality, she painfully tries to shut out the truth that she has lost dear ones—a daughter-in-law and unborn twin grandsons, later her mother, father and last a beloved younger son. How does she cope? That question is answered in her profoundly deep soul-searching unforgettable story. In Pappas’ own words her story is about “grief, longing, searching, about prayer. love, miracles, life-changing events…a story which may parallel yours.” In her personal sufferings, she intently searches for the meaning of life. To relieve her pain, she must learn is there life after death or if “the decomposition of the body is all there is.”Pappas found happiness and peace. Read her story in Living in Eternity to learn how she found the meaning of life and death."

—Marilyn Reicks, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" It is beautifully written and easily read.. through its entirety.The author, my sister, in her creative style of writing, conveys her theory of "Living in Eternity" in each chapter with what she experienced and felt. It is passionate writing of "loss and love."

—Victoria Bertrand, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" This is more than a wonderful book. It is a marvelous package of revelations you will keep in your heart once you have shared the miracles that found the author when she least expected them and when she needed them most. That does not mean every chapter is easy to read - there is much personal disappointment and real life despair - but great rewards will soon come as you experience the outcomes. These are incredible stories Ms. Pappas reveals and she has done so in a beautiful book. Thinking over your own life, you may well join the author to conclude that you, too, are - at this very moment - Living in Eternity."

—Elf, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" This is a very beautiful, book, which simply and movingly tells the story of the author's rich and well-lived life! Whether you embrace the author's viewpoint or not, the book will make you think about the meaning of love and loss in your own life. I cried at the experience we all share of loss, and I rejoiced at the joy of moving forward in the face of overwhelming despair."

—J.J. Whitbread, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" A very interesting and emotional quest through connection, loss and re-connection. The author encourages us to see the spectacular and meaningful in the twists of a full life. Thought provoking and individualistic musings of a mother, daughter, wife and friend. Buckle your self in and enjoy the ride!"

—Nicholas P. Marudas, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

Book Discovery: Living in Eternity by Efrosini A. Pappas_The BookWalker

Living in Eternity by Efrosini A. Pappas

ISBN 978-1982208691

132 Pages

Review by Krystle Manis

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From the author

I'm Efrosini Pappas, also known as Fran, but that's a long story. I am the second of three children born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, of Greek heritage. My parents were my role models, and at an early age, I learned that communication with the spirit world is possible and to believe in dreams.

I am intuitive with empathic sensitivity, a Reiki Master, and a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and spiritual energy and have been involved in many metaphysical, spiritual workshops throughout my life."Living In Eternity" is my first and only book, a process that began over 50 years ago with the birth of my second-born son who was not expected to live the night. As he journeyed beyond this life to the next, he shared what he saw and learned. His courage gave me the ability to see that my own mind was limiting me from seeing and understanding. No logic, just an intuition, a sixth sense that can't be explained. How blessed I am that in his learning, he taught me.His passing at the age of 15, compounded by the sudden death of my daughter-in-law and 5-month twin boys in utero, was the impetus for my book.I believe that there is no separation of time; no here or there, just fluid movement, making it possible for us to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. How special it is not to feel disconnected from those we love.I have enjoyed a fascinating career in the Travel, Art and Entertainment industries, and as a teacher of the Greek language, culture, and traditions. In 2016 I produced Love Song To Greece, a multi-media presentation and companion guide.My 5 children and 12 grandchildren are the loves of my life.

Robert Frost summed up everything he learned about life in three words ... "It goes on." I invite you to read "Living In Eternity." Where it will take you is up to you. May your journey be long, full of discovery and adventure, and lead you to the pathway that is best for you.