Book Talk: Best Recycling Tricks by Willem Steenkamp

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Conscientious. Right On!

Annette Allen,The BookWalker

There are so many plastic soda bottles that are scattered all over the world, adding to the volumes of waste in landfills, polluting our oceans, and costing the planet so much energy to create or to dispose of. Each plastic bottle we throw away adds to the problem. It might seem like a small thing to throw away a single bottle. However, doing this throughout our lifetime, along with millions of people doing the same, the problem compounds.

What do we do to be on the other end of the equation and help reduce waste that comes from this everyday item? Willem Steenkamp, the author of Best Recycling Tricks, offers creative and doable tricks to reducing individual waste households produce. In his book, he illustrates his ideas for repurposing water bottles into something innovative and useful.

Repurposing is undoubtedly better than producing more waste in so many ways. Through repurposing, we can make use of items that are readily available instead of buying new ones, find a creative and eco-conscious activity for the whole family to participate in, and, more importantly, reduce our direct impact on the environment.

Steenkamp's repurposing ideas are easy to do that even one with minimal DIY skills can still implement these creative projects. The types of equipment used for these projects are simple and can be found at home. Often, his projects involve just a pair of scissors. Best Recycling Tricks remove the hesitation that many people have with recycling and repurposing by introducing practical and straightforward how-to's that anyone can follow.

Next time you throw anything away, ask yourself, "Can I recycle or repurpose this?"

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" Conscientious. Right On!"

—Annette Allen,The BookWalker

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Best Recycling Tricks by Willem Steenkamp

ISBN 978-1982206666

48 Pages

Review by Krystle Manis

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Willem Steenkamp has experience in many fields over a broad spectrum of interests through occupation, hobbies, and interests.

Previous occupations were in the fields of Television and Video Productions, where he operated cameras, did editing, acted as a producer in a variety of productions, trained many students, and held some very specialized positions. His DIY skills served him well as Handyman, and he has worked for and helped many clients through his network at BNI (Business Network International).

He finds interest in how things work and to pursue what else can be done with this knowledge and his accumulative skills. After previously publishing poetry, he now wants to share his knowledge through non-fictional books and videos to benefit those who want to achieve personal gratification by creating something unique.

As a person who does not like to waste and loves a clean environment, Willem has turned hoarding and storing broken/redundant items into cost-saving hobbies, art projects, and many useful products and enjoys coming up with solutions with whatever he has close at hand. He finds gratification in reusing or adapting something to be useful again in a different form, as a fix or a totally new concept, often stating that he has been recycling long before it became the modern buzz.

He asks that you not only enjoy the ideas as entertainment but make at least a few unique products and continue thinking and evolving. Talk about it, share it, and pass it on to those who can benefit from it.

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