Book Discovery: Your Choice in Men: Why You Seem to Attract the Wrong One by Curtis Jordan

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Full of hearts and tender lessons. A heart-stirring read.

Issa,The BookWalker

Love is such a powerful thing. A lot of times, especially when it is young and new, it can be all-consuming. It can eclipse everything else, even the glaring faults and biggest red flags.

The motivation for Curtis Jordan's Your Choice in Men: Why You Seem to Attract the Wrong Ones is to shine a light on the things that are often overshadowed by love. Jordan started to realize indicators and certain patterns while listening to his sister's personal story of a failed relationship. She, along with other women that he spoke to over the years about their issues with men, became the inspiration for publishing this book.

Relationships are not easy. As anyone who has lived and learned from a relationship will tell you: It requires work and, more often than not, a lot of pain. This is not meant to discourage anyone from finding love. Instead, the intended mistakes and failures in relationships are opportunities to learn. As Jordan puts it, "The best part about making a relationship mistake is that you have the opportunity to learn more about your own flaws and what you need from a man." It is a life prompt to learn about oneself, to heal, and to start over. A broken heart is not the end when taken as a chance for a new (and better) beginning.

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" Full of hearts and tender lessons. A heart-stirring read."

—Issa,The BookWalker

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Your Choice in Men: Why You Seem to Attract the Wrong Ones by Curtis Jordan

ISBN 978-1504926645

140 Pages

Review by Krystle Manis

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Curtis Jordan is a retired Army veteran, a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Author, and avid chess player. He holds an Associate's degree in Network System Administration and a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Cyber-Security. He developed a love for writing during a time when he was told that the only job he would qualify doing would be a janitor. Curtis became a tenacious reader and started to write his ideas down on paper, which turned into his first book. Curtis is always trying to become a better version of himself while helping others do the same through his writing.Curtis is the proud father of Curtis II, Dondre, and Darien.

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