Book-In-Focus: Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poem by Gil Saenz

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Unassuming yet so profound.

Samantha Brownfield, The BookWalker

Rich in wisdom yet simple in delivery, Gil Saenz’s Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems is sure to touch the hearts of many. The poetry collection is bilingual in structure. Poems appear first in English followed by a Spanish translation rendered by the poet himself and his brother, who has a doctorate in foreign language education. The brothers worked hard together to ensure that each poem retains its substance through the translation, and judging their output, it’s easy to say they accomplished that, increasing their effective reach to include Spanish readership.

Gil Saenz touches a wide range of topics, and he does so seamlessly. The whole collection is a kaleidoscope of human experience, where every page is a real and honest reflection of a man who obviously understands life or tries as best as he can. Human struggles, dreams, love, memories, the importance of time—these are just a few of the topics that Saenz reflects about, and every one of these is an integral part of everyone’s journey.

In their simplicity, there is an unmistakable depth to each poem that has the potential of defying time and the changes that come along with it. Sometimes when something is good enough, there is no need to dress it up some more. Saenz uses that to his advantage, allowing the substance to transcend overwhelming rhyme or patterns. The result is just beautiful.

Perhaps, a few years in the future, circumstance will demand an instant boost of inspiration or a deeper and more meaningful perspective. Saenz’s words can be just that—words that are easy to commit to memory and to the heart, words that are sure to echo for a long, long time.

Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems is an excellent collection, one worth revisiting in the future.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Unassuming yet so profound. "

—Samantha Brownfield, The BookWalker

" In this latest compilation of poetry from Saenz, fifty poems about love, hope, peace, nature and meditation are collected for the reader's enjoyment. Each of these poems is printed in a side-byside nature, with the original English on the left and a Spanish version translated by both the author and his brother (who holds a doctorate in foreign language education) to ensure that the meaning and detail intended is not lost in translation. The overall themes of this collection are tranquil and reflective, even with titles like "Vagabonds" and "Human Struggles." Finding beauty in every moment and circumstance, Saenz captures these moments of peace and frames them in contemplative thought to share with the reader. " —US Review of Books

" As a whole, this poetic collection comprises a vast variety of inner reflections, both lucid in expression and stimulating in depiction. Stocked with one hundred poems, what is especially engaging about this work is that it is presented in a bilingual format, which smartly allows it to reach and entertain a far vaster readership. Each poetic composition appears firstly as the English version and then the Spanish version follows consecutively, however, no matter which language the poems appear in, they still resonate artfully with a soulful authenticity." —Pacific Book Review

Book-In-Focus: Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poem by  Gil Saenz_The BookWalker

Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poem by Gil Saenz

ISBN 978-1984556103

118 Pages

Review by Samantha Brownfield

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Gilbert Saenz (pen name: Gil Saenz) has been writing poetry both in English and Spanish since the 1980's. He is a member of a poetry group in Wyandotte, Michigan called the Downriver Poets and Playwrights. He has been a member ot this group since the late 1990's. Also, he was a one-time member of the Latino Poets Association of Detroit, Michigan. Gil has written and published five poetry collections of his one of which is POEMS OF LIFE/Poemas de la vide a bilingual English/Spanish collection of poems. It was published in September, 2000 by Laredo Publishing Company, Beverly Hills, California. Gil is a retired employee of the IRS Computing Center where he worked as a Computer Systems Analyst. Writing poems has been a very fruitful past time and has contributed to an interesting social life as well.

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