Book Talk: Unleash Your Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness by Dr Leanna E Manuel

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Energy psychology is rapidly gaining traction and going mainstream. What was once thought of as eccentric and borderline crazy metaphysical stuff has earned the respect of many who are now converted, believers. Author Leanna Manuel is one such believer.

A form of treatment, energy psychology combines conventional therapy techniques with other healing and spiritual practices. It works because you and I and the world around us are energies. Anything that shifts our energy changes our experience of life. That includes our thoughts, our feelings, and our physical body.

To manipulate the body’s energy, tapping is used the same way the Chinese use acupuncture, but instead of needles, tapping uses fingers. Tapping points located all over the body are stimulated by light and gentle tapping to achieve the desired results, which primarily means creating and maintaining health or addressing illnesses, including mental health disorders like anxiety, phobia, fear, etc. Some people tap to address relationship issues, past trauma, and physical pain. Tapping is also useful in reducing procrastination and in working with the law of attraction.

To take the experience further, Manuel encourages the use of animal totems. In Native American tradition and in other cultures, a totem can be a spirit being, a sacred object, or a symbol. A totem animal acts as a guide and protector throughout life, both in physical and spiritual realms. According to Manuel, animal stereotypes exist for a reason. For example, we say “dog” and immediately think of loyalty, of man’s best friend. We say “dolphins” and feel of the almost-magical feeling they cause.

In Unleash Your Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness, Manuel does not only enumerate the tapping points on the human body and give clear and concise instructions for tapping, but she also helps readers recognize their totem animals and learn how to tap, explicitly calling on the strength of their totem animal.

Pairing tapping and animal totems give us a refreshing and promising perspective. It promises to be a better alternative to the abusive use of medicine (especially those that may be purchased over the counter) that is prevalent these days. As a reference material, Leanna Manuel’s Unleash Your Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness is an excellent place to start. The book is a gem, especially for beginners starting their tapping journey.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Dr. Manuel offers concise details on how to effectively apply Tapping Techniques that have become increasingly popular among therapists and the public since I covered this technology in my seminars, articles and books beginning in the early 90’s. She adds to this her knowledge and experience with Totem Tapping, which integrates tapping with the deeper meaning of Totems such as the Bear, Deer, Dolphin, and more. Lots of fascinating facts contained in this book as well! For example, did you know that there are over 10,000 species of ants? Well this is an interesting and valuable book that will hold your interest and offer lots of wonderful benefits. Read it and enjoy! ~Fred P. Gallo PHD, author of Energy Psychology, and Energy Tapping for Trauma."

— Fred P. Gallo, Amazon Reader's Review

" Before reading this book I knew a little about tapping and have tried a few techniques here and there but that's about as far as it went. I've always been intrigued in tapping and liked the techniques I tried but felt like I didn't fully understand it. I saw this book and my intrigue grew. After reading through it and using the information in it I now not only understand tapping more but also have improved greatly at it. I've noticed better results and an overall improvement in how I feel day to day and I absolutely love it!"

— CAMPQ, Amazon Reader's Review

" This was a fun Journey! Not just the same old tapping exercises, this book takes you on a ride of self discovery and growth. Enjoy this experience as I have, you will Love it!"

—Zachariah Keyer, Amazon Reader's Review

Book Talk: Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey by Rob Manning_The BookWalker

Unleash Your Primal Power: Totem Tapping for Health and Happiness by Dr. Leanna E Manuel

264 Pages

ISBN 978-1982226060

Review by A. Alcott

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Dr. Leanna Manuel, a graduate of Wright State University School of Professional Psychology, is a practicing Clinical Psychologist, draws upon her years of experience as a Psychologist, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Tapping Coach, and Martial Artist to develop a fun and easy method for enhancing personal happiness and life satisfaction. She has vast experience as both a medical and mental health practitioner. Her work was once featured on MTV's True Life.

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