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Lilian Nirupa’s work is a necessary preamble to the complex world of eastern astrology.

A book on Hindu astrology in simple, everyday terms is a rare find. Hindu philosophy itself, where eastern astrology is based, is a complex system of beliefs passed down as an oral tradition from one generation to the next. Even when people all over the world flocked to India to get their destinies analyzed or to learn the wisdom of the ancients, it wasn’t until recently that Jyotish, literally “the light of God,” literature was translated for western cultures. The Paths of Destiny: Introduction to an Ancient Science for Self-Understanding is a commendable attempt to simplify an ancient philosophy.

Author Lilian Nirupa is a management consultant in DC and in NYC and a student of yoga. The science of Jyotish fascinates her, and in the past, a chart reading drastically affected her life. Hence, she hopes to share Vedic astrology, the science she has studied and practiced for the last thirty-five years, to other willing learners. Her book, however, is not a DIY manual, but an introduction to ancient wisdom, just as it says in the title.

What kind of wisdom can one expect from Jyotish? How does Jyotish affect our lives?

According to Nirupa, “Jyotish is used for guidance and predictions, but it also contains information about the nature of human reality in its multiple aspects, which can only be found in the sacred lore of the ancient sages.”

Using a language of signs and symbols, Jyotish breaks down life’s biggest questions about destiny, purpose, and the divine with almost mathematical precision. Stars, planets, lunar cycles, and houses are used to analyze the Vedic chart. It is important to remember that Jyotish is the part of the Vedas that deals with the light, the eyes, and inner and outer vision and deals with the inner structures of our souls and minds, which create our past, present, and future. Using cycles and timings as tools, Nirupa also explores the concept of time, both cosmic and human. These topics and several others are discussed without dismissing other belief systems or religions, like Christianity or Hinduism.

Overall, The Paths of Destiny: Introduction to an Ancient Science for Self-Understanding will appeal to Vedic practitioners. The charts and examples are helpful. Nirupa’s approach is like a breath of fresh air to an otherwise-ancient subject. If you’re just about to delve into the world of eastern astrology, this book is a good start.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Very insightful book and an eye opener into the realm of astronomical destiny. Great read if you want to explore how you relate to these astronomical charts and how other famous people are related to it."

—YEN, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" A great insight into spiritual psychology described in the language of Astrology and related Eastern methods for self discovery.A wide range of celebrities and historic examples helped me to understand them better and the underlying patterns that motivates us all."

—Enclavesilverspring, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

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The Paths of Destiny: Introduction to an Ancient Tool for Self-Understanding by Lilian Nirupa

ISBN 978-1546244585

148 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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Lilian Nirupa has been a student of Eastern philosophy and a practitioner of yoga and meditation for more than forty years. She also studies and practices Vedic astrology (Jyotish) as part of her interest in and dedication to the teachings of Siddha Yoga and Kashisr Shaivism. Although born and raised in the Christian faith, which she still practices, she believes the Truth belongs to all sincere Seekers. This introduction to the mysteries of Eastern psychology for self-understanding is dedicated to all those very special people, the sincere Seekers of Truth. Fluent in four languages and a student of three others, Lilian Nirupa has traveled the world over to conduct research and for her work. Currently employed as a Management Consultant in Information Technology, she holds an M.S. in Information Management as well as a B.A. in Education. Lilian Nirupa is a published author of historical fiction and technical manuals in I.T. strategy. Currently living in Alexandria, Virginia, she has two sons and two grandchildren.

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