Book Discovery: Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Mrs. Bev

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This book is full of love, care and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Victoria,The BookWalker

An insightful, beautifully written approach to daycare and kids in general. Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is a heart-warming and inspiring educational book for daycare teachers, parents, and readers who’d like to unlock a child’s learning capability.

The author, Mrs. Bev, knew as early as the tender age of 5 what she was meant to be, and she’s been at it for twenty-eight years, teaching a select crowd close to her heart: preschoolers. Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, talks about the roles parents and teachers play in the holistic development of a child. It talks about that special crowd—little three- and four-year-olds and their endless learning adventure.

Anyone who thinks that being a daycare teacher is an easy babysitting job will have a change of heart upon reading Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Mrs. Bev obviously wears several hats during class, and she does it with passion and genuine love and interest for the kids and their overall development—not an easy task in a room full of noisy, squirming children with different personalities and backgrounds. Children, however, need the same things no matter where they come from: love, attention, credibility, and fun—all of which should be found in a daycare classroom setting and especially at home where they should learn the most from loving family members.

Acknowledging fun, individuality, and a child’s capability of accomplishing tasks even at age 3 or 4 are topics the author promotes. Fun is an essential part of a child’s learning process. They retain more in a relaxed atmosphere where learning is not forced upon them. Mrs. Bev also encourages teachers and parents to “help our children, but we need to give them their own space” to discover what they can do on their own.

The author also talks about setting aside her personal needs to attend to skinned knees, bumped heads, and broken hearts that need her consultation and how the kids give much in return—warm greetings when she comes to class, eagerness to learn from her lessons, and the possibilities of what they will become in the future. Mrs. Bev allows herself to soak in all these and turns to music when the going gets out of hand: “When my kids become unruly, I automatically turn on the music and dance around.”

Readers will find Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow a delight to explore. The topics are arranged expertly, and instead of a lengthy how-to material, Mrs. Bev opted for concise and simple writing, using bullet points, numbered lists, and illustrations. Often, a paragraph is all she needs to explore a topic—proof that short and straightforward writing can hit the spot just right.

Without a doubt, this is one timeless book to love.

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" This book is full of love, care and lessons that will last a lifetime."

—Victoria,The BookWalker

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Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Mrs. Bev

ISBN 978-1984530981

136 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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From the author:

I wrote this book to share my experiences of teaching in daycare for twenty-eight years. My second reason is to share with teachers the importance of creating their classrooms with an abundance of learning centers. This includes art, math, science, language, drama, and blocks. I have experienced the educational value the children gain from them. They help children become independent. They begin to see things from another child’s point of view by working together with them to create. Children can discover things that are new to them and make connections with things they already know. Children make a concentrated effort to complete purposeful activities. In each part of my descriptions of each center, I provide information and examples I was successful with.

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