Book Talk: Beacon of Hope by Paadaseryl Sally Abraham

Abraham's writing faithfully and clearly guide readers through some questions we never asked about our faith and how we formed them.

M.G. Mason,The BookWalker

"Girls shouldn't ask such questions." These are words author Paadaseryl Sally Abraham will never forget. These words were spoken to her by a Sunday school teacher after a young, inquisitive Sally dared to ask a question regarding faith and religion. Silenced yet determined, the disapproval did not stop her from asking more questions and uncovering more answers.

These pressing yet often suppressed questions of her youth has prompted Abraham to become a truth seeker. The questions and the quest for truth continued into her adult life. She shares her truth in her book, Beacon of Hope.

Paadaseryl Sally Abraham grew up in Kerala with her family, who was members of an orthodox church. Growing up in church meant that Sundays, tradition, and religious holidays were sacred to them. She was taught early in life that reading the Bible was more important than school lessons and to never ask questions in Sunday school. As she grew up, her questions became louder, and they grew in number. She began to realize that the church practices she grew up with strayed from the teachings in the Bible. When later in life, God allowed her to meet a like-minded man, Sally and her husband Tom became part of God's mission to seek, find, and share the truth.

In Beacon of Hope, Abraham talks about truth-seeking, the often silenced truths about how religious instruction differs from Biblical truths, and very personal yet enlightening stories about the life she shared with her husband, Tom.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Abraham's writing faithfully and clearly guide readers through some questions we never asked about our faith and how we formed them. "

—M.G. Mason,The BookWalker

Beacon of Hope by Paadaseryl Sally Abraham

ISBN 978-1512794786

214 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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A note from the author;

This is my personal story of Justification, Conversion, and Sanctification, three steps of Christian Life. I am from Kerala, India, where Christianity was established from the First Century AD by disciple Thomas. Growing up in Orthodoxy with an inquisitive mind, I was forced to suppress several questions regarding traditions and beliefs, fearing social repercussions. However, Religion and the Bible were an integral part of life. I never abandoned them even though the questions were mounting on me. God might have read my mind and blessed me with a like-minded man in my life. Lord lead us through several incidences to find the truth..

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