Book Discovery: To Whom Do You Belong: A Family Historian’s Tale by Colin D. Waye

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To understand our future, we have to know the past. Colin did just that! Neat chronicle.

Issa,The BookWalker

In the last couple of years, 23andMe (a service that provides DNA analysis) and TV shows such as "Who Do You Think You Are?" that traces a person's ancestry, ethnic backgrounds and even discover people around the world who share similar DNA as them has gained so much popularity. There is a resurgence in the interest in genealogy around the world. People are curious about who they are, and today, technology is available to provide answers. This was not the case when author, Colin D. Waye started researching his family history 35 years ago. Then, collecting information about his ancestry meant that he had to dig deep, piece stories from older citizens, letters, and articles himself.

Waye's 35 years of research are brought together in his book, To Whom Do You Belong: A Family Historian's Tale. This book is in part biographies of his two grandfathers, Forman Way, a key figure in the Cape Breton labor movement, and Captain John Jarvis, whose exciting life is punctuated by a gripping death of being lost at sea. The other part of this book is a story of how Waye has uncovered these long-forgotten stories and other interesting ones that he discovered in the course of his research.

To Whom Do You Belong is not a book listing the birth and death dates of the author's family members. It chronicles something more important. It tells the story of their lives and how they affect us in the present day. It is only through recognizing our past that we can truly appreciate our present and look forward to the future.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" To understand our future, we have to know the past. Colin did just that!

Neat chronicle."

—Issa,The BookWalker

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To Whom Do You Belong: A Family Historian’s Tale by Colin D. Waye

ISBN 978-1982213633

88 Pages

Review by Krystle Manis

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Colin Douglas Waye lives in the former steel-making city of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, born into a large family of ten children. He became a third-generation steelworker, working at the local mill until it finally shut down. Being unemployed, he followed many of his fellow Cape Bretoners to the oil fields of Alberta. Physically active throughout his life, being a minor hockey coach for over 20 years, a 4th Degree Black Belt in Kodokan Judo, and an avid runner. These days he is involved in the local Buddhist community and spends his time instructing meditation groups and teaching yoga. He is presently involved with the local Correctional Facility, where he teaches inmates in meditation and yoga. He picked up the genealogy bug shortly after his father died and has been obsessed with it ever since. This book is a reflection on the study of family history. Colin and his wife, Mary, have four boys and three grandchildren.

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