Book Talk: Wolves and Monsters by Tania Nichols

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Compelling and surprising.

Victoria,The BookWalker

Inspired by her love for animals, author Tania Nichols wrote a story of conscientiousness, love, and adventure with a lot of heart. Wolves and Monsters is a story about Toni and the wolves that she had promised to care for, no matter what.

Toni Renford has dedicated her life to caring and protecting the wolves of Siberia. She has spent years with them, and they have become an essential part of her. This undertaking is Toni's passion in life. However, caring for her precious wolves is not an inexpensive venture. Indeed, it is more than what Toni can afford.

Help came in the form of millionaire Michael Clark. Her marriage to him helped her realize her dream of securing the land that the wolves occupy. Just when her dreams were coming into fruition, another threat looms on the horizon. This time, it is more than the issue of money or land, the wolves are threatened by monstrous assassins. When the wolves are no longer the predators, Toni must now fight for their lives and hers.

Wolves and Monsters is not just a thrilling story of Toni and the wolves that she lives to protect. It is also a beautiful use of fiction to take a stand in the real world. The story highlights the genuine threats that mankind brings to the other creatures of this planet. Through its characters, it sends a clear message about the role of the human race in the destruction or conservation of animals and the environment they reside in.

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" Compelling and surprising. "

—Victoria,The BookWalker

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Wolves and Monsters by Tania Nichols

ISBN 978-1784654467

334 Pages

Review by Krystle Manis

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From the author:

I owned husky's, and when my old dog Charlie died, I decided to foster care and help with Arctic breed rescue of Queensland SHAMROQ. Over the years cared for probably 9 huskies that waited for homes. Some came from horrible abuse and neglect. In short, it pissed me off no end to see what the human race is capable of .after a poor boy came to me starved on a chain with his sister who sadly didn't make it, he was still skin and bone after 3 weeks at vets when he came to me. This sweet boy has a loving family now, but It gave me nightmares of which one is the basic story for my book.Honestly, nothing in this world is as monstrous as the human race and set to highlight that in my book, which can be a bit much for the faint of heart. I hand-wrote it, and my friend Toni started reading it hence the main character's name. She was so hooked she would nag me for pages, and that's how it was written. She urged me to try and publish it, and here I am!

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