Book Discovery: A Week on a Ward by Vincent Blade Douglas

Book Discovery: A Week on a Ward by Vincent Blade Douglas_The BookWalker

An engaging and thought-provoking personal account.

Victoria,The BookWalker

The mind is a fascinating thing. What goes on in the mind during different states of consciousness, at different stages in life will always be surrounded by mystery and wonder. Much has been written about the human mind as well as the effects of psychedelics and the psychic phenomenon. However, many agree that we still have not accessed all of the depths of the mind.

A Week on a Ward is author Vincent Blade Douglas' contribution to the knowledge of the mind. This book is not born out of a scientific experiment. Instead, it is plucked from his personal experience.

Douglas taught Math, Russian, and Psychology. He has a doctorate in Education. Before obtaining his doctorate, he ended up locked away in a psych ward. This book was written right after his release. This is his story.

Around 50 years ago, Douglas found psychedelics and the psychic phenomenon. His use and abuse of both have led him inside a psychiatric ward. There he woke up not recognizing himself, not knowing where he was, and without recollection of the events that led him there. He was confined for a week. That one week would affect him forever.

A Week on a Ward is Douglas' first-person account of the week he spent on a psychiatric ward. This account is not a cautionary tale or an inspirational message. What the readers take from this book is up to them. As Douglas reveals, most of his accounts were written while he was still experiencing delusions and hallucinations. Whether or not what he has seen and observed was true, only time will tell. Even that might not happen at all. What A Week on a Ward truly offers its readers is a window into one fascinating mind.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" An engaging and thought-provoking personal account. "

—Victoria,The BookWalker

Book Discovery: A Week on a Ward by Vincent Blade Douglas_The BookWalker

A Week on a Ward by Vincent Blade Douglas

ISBN 978-1982214692

224 Pages

Review by Krystle Manis

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Howard Blazek writing as Vincent Blade Douglas, is a former high school teacher (math, Russian, psychology), and systems analyst. After receiving his doctorate in Education, he was the evaluator of a county-wide demonstration project, a manager in a large health & welfare fund, and a business writer/instructional designer providing freelance consulting services to over 50 companies.In his late 20s, he returned to graduate school, receiving a full, 4-year fellowship to a major university in northern Florida. It was a dream come true. Although he made grades, he only lasted a year as a brief period as a "hippie" ended in drug paranoia. He returned to Chicago, surprisingly with a raise and a promotion at his old job. He did become a trained psychic (faith healer). He decided to try school again and lasted a month.He woke up in a closed psychiatric ward, not knowing who or where he was. He wrote this book immediately after his release. It is accurate and factual with no fictionalization, embellishment, or exaggeration. Although he has written and produced over 1/2 million benefit booklets and a large number of training materials, this is his first book. He views it as a historical memoir.

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