Author Spotlight: Doreen’S Fashion Jewelry Album by Doreen Diggs

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Masterfully crafted. It is when the artist fully merge with craft.

F.Green,The BookWalker

Jewelry serves many functions. They can be used to flaunt one's social status, as an expression of creativity, to complete an outfit, or to be kept as an investment. Beautiful jewelry is a work of art, and often, their creation involves an incredible amount of talent and technique. Author and jewelry designer, Doreen Diggs, knows about jewelry, and she shares her knowledge and appreciation for them in her book, Doreen's Fashion Jewelry Album.

Author Doreen Diggs has always been into jewelry. Her love affair with them started from a very young age when she would save all her money to buy a piece of jewelry that she has been eyeing. This interest was further nurtured when she was given the opportunity to work in the Fashion Jewelry section in a major department store. There, she learned more about jewelry and acquired more pieces to add to her collection. Eventually, she went to school for Fine Arts and Design, which gave way to her designing beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry herself.

In Doreen's Fashion Jewelry Album, Diggs shares some of her most precious pieces. She put together an album based on her personal collection. These are the pieces that she has acquired over the years, along with beautiful pieces that she designed herself.

Doreen's Fashion Jewelry Album is curated for those who, like the author, is passionate about jewelry. Diggs has included descriptions and information about each piece she features for those who want to learn more about jewelry and style. This album is comprised of professionally photographed works of art through the medium of fashion jewelry, along with descriptions of material, artistry, and story from Doreen Diggs.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Masterfully crafted. It is when the artist fully merge with craft. "

—F.Green,The BookWalker

Book Discovery: A Week on a Ward by Vincent Blade Douglas_The BookWalker

Doreen’s Fashion Jewelry Album by Doreen Diggs

ISBN 978-1543413434

170 Pages

Review by Kyrstle Manis

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Note from the author

I've always thought of writing a book given that I've always been an avid reader of books. My inspiration for writing this book is because of my love for jewelry and to also show some of my creativity as a designer. I just want for my readers to not only enjoy what I believe to be some of my unique pieces of jewelry but to also keep in mind that every goal starts with a single thought in someone's mind, and it's always a good thing to follow up that thought with action!

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