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Powerful and life-changing.

Shirley Beloff,The BookWalker

Amy Elizabeth Gordon’s book, Moonshot: Aim High, Dive Deep, Live an Extraordinary Life, is not the usual memoir. It is a life transformation guide intended to help readers redirect their path toward forgiveness, grace, and peace.

Gordon divides the book into twelve equally powerful core distinctions rooted in resilience, compassion, and service. As she examines each of these core distinctions, she allows readers into her world, her story, her successful transformation. There is no preaching from a high horse in this book. Readers will discover the author baring herself, honest and unbridled by stigma or excuses. Someone who has experienced darkness knows how precious light is, and so Gordon, who once was in the dark for so long, has made it her mission to help readers emerge triumphantly from whatever form of darkness that is limiting them.

It is noteworthy how Gordon talks about forgiveness, peace, and transformation. She knows it can’t be easy for victims of trauma, abuse, and in general, people who are suffering detachment from their inner selves and whose inner light has been dimmed by circumstances. She writes with sensitivity and compassion, yet her voice is persistent and hard to ignore.

The twelve core distinctions are neatly weaved into her personal story, and instead of lackadaisically going through how a core distinction works, she includes practical exercises to strengthen the reader. Gordon writes, “The first four distinctions have to do with recognizing our resilience: trust, focus, repair, and faith. What is was like for me was tough and tender: parents’ divorce, trauma, drunkenness; I now see how resilience, the ability to thrive despite negative circumstances, is vital. It is the foundation for quality of connection with others. It allows compassion to grow.”

The next core distinctions discussed in the book fall under what Gordon calls the realm of compassion: clarity, openness, reactivation, energy. The last four are under the domain of service: interdependence, responsibility, generosity, and consciousness.

Overall, Amy Elizabeth Gordon is an excellent social pioneer with an indelible message that must be heard. Moonshot: Aim High, Dive Deep, Live an Extraordinary Life is a highly recommended book.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" First, I must confess that I was involved in the preparation of this book. Since that's what I do, I get to read a lot of books by a lot of people, so I have a lot of them to compare.This book might be a bit difficult to categorize. It's not really a memoir in the usual "and then I did this and isn't it great" sense. This is the amazing story, sort-of, of Amy's journey to discovery and recovery. It's dark and twisted in places, because that's what it WAS like. It's light and spiritual in others, because that's what it IS like. It's not a chronology of events; it's more. She shares her experiences and the tools she used, and uses, to recover and be the incredible person she is. It will hold your attention, I promise.Read it. It's great. "

—Kamuela, Amazon Reader's Review

" This book is amazing, raw, open hearted and real! I felt her pain and tenderness. Mostly I experienced her forgiveness. The book is based on these 12 distinctions of extraordinary living: trust, focus, repair, faith, clarity, openness, reactivation, energy, interdependence, responsibility, generosity, and consciousness.Unless you have lived a life of totally purity, this book will resonate in countless ways with almost anyone on many levels. Give it a try. I grew from it and am happy that I gave it a shot …"

—Kamuela, Amazon Reader's Review

" I found myself often holding my breath through the astonishing early parts of her tale, and then found myself cheering Amy Elizabeth on as she detailed how she came to grips with pain, confusion, and major unhealthiness to begin her journey to wellness. If it's true we can only know others by walking in their shoes, you will appreciate how she really earned that growth and will be encouraged by it. She shares the actual steps she took, including what didn't work and her re-starts, as well as the practices she used. It's obvious we can each start to transform the difficulties in our lives instead of staying stuck in whatever old stuff we are run by. Not only did Amy achieve great growth herself, she then began to use the well-earned skills to assist others. Using her guidance, here are the skills which we too can successfully use. These she uses in her personal relationships even now, as well as as in her successful online professional relationship coaching practice. There are real tools here. I even bought two more copies to give away. If you are or someone you know is struggling with unhealthiness, I encourage you to buy and study this guide. You too can "dive deep" to heal the uneasiness which holds so many of us captive to our pasts, and to "aim high." We too can live extraordinary lives..."

Amazon Reader's Review

" “If only I had known then things I learned from reading Moonshot there may not have been a reason to write this book.What I do know now is that Amy is a great writer. Her book is so honestly truthful and hurtful at times but it is told how her life was and is.I am so proud of Amy and Marc of family she and her husband have created, while creating a life of love and service to the universe.I hope You enjoy reading Moonshot, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh but most of all you’ll learn how you can have the relationships you long for and how you can create the extraordinary life you deserve.

—Elizabeth Williams, Amazon Reader's Review

Book Discovery: A Week on a Ward by Vincent Blade Douglas_The BookWalker

Moonshot: Aim High, Dive Deep Live an Extraordinary Life by Amy Elizabeth Gordon MA

ISBN 978-1982228521

300 Pages

Review by Shirley Beloff

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Cutting through the chaos of dominant culture, opening minds riddled with lack, rekindling souls starving for connection, Amy Elizabeth is a master facilitator, social pioneer, and conscious evolutionary leader. A lifelong student, Amy Elizabeth, is continually learning, both personally and professionally. She has spent several decades advocating for big compassion, healthy relationships, and holistic wellbeing. Her professional training includes M.A. in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University, Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor, Certified Imago International Relationship Therapist, and HeartCore Leadership Training.

A dedicated woman of integrity, Amy Elizabeth sees her roles as wife, mother, daughter, relational health coach, compassion activist, yogini, paddler, hula dancer, and fellow human being as an ever-expanding opportunity to heal the planet, one relationship at a time. This is her first published book. More information at

In addition, Amy Elizabeth is a resident of Hawai’i and a founding member of Hālau ’Ōhi’a Hawai’i Stewardship Training. Bridging indigenous lifeways and modern technology in a fruitful foundation for the future, Hālau ’Ōhi’a focuses on establishing and deepening familial relationships to the world around us, and aims to enhance the ways we engage with our ’āina (landscape) community and kanaka (human) community.

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