Book Discovery: Dragon's Breath: The Heaven on Earth Project by Ana Vidal and Anto O'Connell

Dragon's Breath has a more profound message than what it initially offers. It has plenty to say about stewardship of both possession and self.

Faith Bolduan,The BookWalker

Dragons have always fascinated man. These humongous winged creatures who have the power to crash man with fire or its sheer weight have always appealed to man's imagination. But how will man react to real dragons in this time and age?

Ana Vidal and Anto O'Connell's book Dragon's Breath: The Heaven on Earth Project is more than just a work of fiction—ultimately a good read—simple yet conceptually complex. It is a call to action steeped in creativity and adventure from the perspective of the magical dragons.

When dragons decide to return to Earth and intervene to save man from destroying Earth and himself, man needs more than fantasy to accept their return. Earth is in dire need to repair the considerable damages done to its energy grid, but man is not ready to give up his destructive ways. He is far too busy feeding his greed. No amount of intervention will move him to repent, and he knows he has the greatest weapon of all—free will.

How can Earth be saved if, left and right, man is racing to destroy his home and the natural resources that provide for him and his offspring? Will dragons have to bend or break man's free will to save Earth from imminent destruction?

Two volunteers come forward. Their mission is to restore Earth to its beauty and glory in what is dubbed as Heaven on Earth Project. The best way to approach the humans is to live with them, not an easy feat to accomplish. Still, Earth holds a special place in the hearts of these two beings—Antoinette, an alchemist who used to train dragons and who is now interested in healing Earth; Anna, one of the original protectors and caretakers of Earth when it was still molded by Gaia. These two volunteers and the dragons are not about to give up on Earth the way humans have.

In Dragon's Breath: The Heaven on Earth Project authors Vidal and O'Connell did an excellent job of balancing fantasy and reality. The story will appeal to readers across different age brackets, and at the same time, its lessons will lead readers to rethink man's erroneous ways.

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" Dragon's Breath has a more profound message than what it initially offers. It has plenty to say about stewardship of both possession and self."

—Faith Bolduan,The BookWalker

Dragon's Breath: The Heaven on Earth Project by Ana Vidal and Anto O'Connell

ISBN 978-1982204778

306 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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About the authors

Ana Vidal and Antoinette O'Connell are the co-creators of the Dragonlight Essences and founders of the Dragon Energy Center, based in the State of So Paulo, Brazil. Their destinies were carefully prepared so that they could have complementary personalities and professional backgrounds to turn the project Heaven on Earth into reality.

Ana Vidal is an award-winning journalist who worked at major television broadcasters in Brazil. Her talent led her to the BBC World Service London and eventually to a new career in the United Kingdom assisting asylum-seekers. While working with refugees, Ana set up and created a project to support victims of torture. This became the catalyst for her study of different forms of energy work, including Healing at the London based College of Psychic Studies. Her holistic work is the result of 20 years of study and research that led to her encounter with the Dragons. Ana currently provides consultations and teaches her clients what she has learned in harmony with these magnificent beings.

Antoinette O'Connell is a founding member of the Irish Association of Homeopathy and was a Director of the Irish School of Homeopathy. She worked with a select group of European homeopaths to establish the curriculum for the teaching of non-medical Homeopathy that is now used in the UK, Europe, and the United States. A woman of many talents, Anto has also been actively involved in associations for the welfare of animals. She is an experienced essence maker and currently provides consultations, as well as teaching her clients about Dragon energy.

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