Book Discovery: Jealousy Burning by M.M. Routson

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Genuinely shocking,wonderfully executed narrative with fever-pitch intensity at the middle.

Amanda Renner,The BookWalker

Inspired by real-life events, M. M. Routson created an intriguing story in Jealousy Burning.

October 1989. Marty Johnston agreed to spend the night with Mark Roberts if Mark would promised Marty it's going to be a purely platonic night. Mark knew their relationship was so new to expect a sexual encounter, so both Marty and Mark spent a lovely platonic evening camping by the lake. Still, their quiet time together was suddenly disrupted by bad news: both their houses had burned to the ground—two houses at two separate locations gone in one night. If something didn’t smell right, it was because something was definitely not right. The name Phillip Plummer came up, but who was Phillip Plummer?

Thirty-six-year-old Phillip Plummer was a psycho who happened to be obsessed with the beguiling Marty Johnston. One afternoon, he saw her from across the street, and he had been planning on meeting her since then. In fact, Philip planned everything he wanted to do with Marty, so when she finally declined his advances, Philip felt it was right to avenge her rejection. He wondered how she could reject him after all the effort he put into meeting her.

Phillip knew he was not a bad-looking fellow. He kept himself in shape, and his hair and his eyes had drawn many women before, including teenyboppers. Some women, however, instinctively knew his creepy nature, and they stayed far away from him. Marty was one such woman, especially after putting two and two together and learning that Phillip had been following her.

Then Mark Roberts came into the picture, a newly divorced man. Both Marty and Mark knew there was something between them worth exploring, but Phillip would not allow them both the happiness and love that was denied to him.

M.M. Routson’s Jealousy Burning is a hard-to-put-down story. Routson successfully gives readers a glimpse of a psycho’s mind—their motives, their SOPs, and, most importantly, their back story. Phillip’s childhood was ideal for dark and foreboding thoughts, the same kind that millions of children are exposed daily. If children turn out like Phillip did, whose fault is it?

Jealousy Burning is full of suspense, romance, and an unexpected twist. It is a highly recommended book.

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" Genuinely shocking,wonderfully executed narrative with fever-pitch intensity at the middle. "

—Amanda Renner,The BookWalker

Book Discovery: Jealousy Burning by M.M. Routson_The BookWalker

Jealousy Burning by M.M. Routson

ISBN 978-1984539045

222 Pages

Review by Amanda Renner

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M.M. Routson and his wife, Jean, are Florida residents, retired on the gulf of Mexico. They spend their winters in Florida and their summers on a lake in Ohio. Mr. Routson enjoys boating, traveling, and golf, among other pastimes like theaters, dining out, and movie-going and writing.His latest book, "Jealousy Burning," is a fun read with suspense and a certain twist at the end that readers were amazed at. Some have suggested that this book would make an excellent movie for TV.Mike's first book, "Love Thy Provider," has helped a few aggressive individuals acquire many income-producing properties. This book is a must for beginning real estate investors. While there are never any guarantees, this book can help to avoid dangerous pitfalls along the way to a higher net worth and a positive monthly cash flow.

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