Book Talk: 12 Steps to Excellence: How to Build a Great Team by C David Crouch

Clear. Caring. Thoughtful. Worth your time.

Amanda Flint, The BookWalker

What does it take to build an excellent team? According to author C David Crouch, it takes 12 steps.

Book Talk: 12 Steps to Excellence: How to Build a Great Team by C David Crouch_The BookWalker

Crouch is an "excellentologist." This means that he studies excellence and puts what he learns into practice. Over the years, he has studied successful teams and their leaders to extract their best practices and principles. These practices and principles are taken from multiple successful organizations across industries such as Disney, Ritz Carlton, and Blue Ridge Health Care. Crouch has organized these lessons into 12 steps in his book, 12 Steps to Excellence: How to Build a Great Team.

Each of the 12 steps is discussed in its own chapter that always ends with a Take Actions section. These sections at the end of every chapter separates Crouch's books from the multitudes of management and leadership books in the market. It gives the readers a jump-off point to evaluate and assess their current strategies and promptly implement actions that lead to excellence.

12 Steps to Excellence: How to Build a Great Team is not offering instant solutions or redundant platitudes. These 12 steps are built on solid principles that can stand the test of time and apply to any organization looking for actual, transformational content.

Crouch provides the foundation, framework, language, and process so that leaders and organizations reading these books have the tools to achieve excellence daily. The book delivers on what it says it is. It provides actual step-by-step along with anecdotes and quotes that add insight to challenges that teams and organizations face.

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" Clear. Caring. Thoughtful. Worth your time."

—Amanda Flint,The BookWalker​

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12 Steps to Excellence: How to Build a Great Team by C David Crouch

ISBN 978-1532083310

190 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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C. David Crouch, excellentologist, is a consultant specializing in helping organizations, teams and individuals all over the world create and sustain cultures of excellence in all types of environments. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and a master’s degree in organizational development from Western Carolina University. He and his wife Debbie have five children and six grandchildren and live in Charlotte, North Carolina. More information is available at