Book-In-Focus: Lost: The language of my mind by Jimmy Exilien

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Unadulterated. Pure. Profound. Thought-provoking.

Shirley Beloff,The BookWalker

Poetry gives more than ample room to exercise or explore one’s philosophies and/or religion. In Lost: The Language of My Mind, a poetry collection, author Jimmy Exilien succumbs to the lure of such promising space and allows his thoughts to run free of restraints. The result is raw and poignant poetry that is, at the same time, brimming with perspective.

Exilien admits to feeling lost in the transversal themes he chose to explore. He examines God and Satan, the “ambivalent and perpetual duo … who wants to control men.” Then he moves on to more tangible topics—hunger, environmental problems, political interference, and incessant wars. All these are realities that drive men to feel just as lost as Exilien does, but they also inspire some lovely lines.

Oh boy!

My people

In this ash mill

Strut their efforts.

Dust is its opulence.

Their comfort is dirt.

Arriving unsurprisingly,

Premature deaths

and Abortive dreams.

I question everything

To know,

To understand

Even the one who was

And who is eternal.

Exilien’s poetic meandering also, perhaps fortuitously, lead readers to arrive at some stirring sequitur:

We do not live for ourselves;

We live for God or the devil

Or for the society or

For our desires and passions,

Burning and corruptible.

At once intimate and impressive, Jimmy Exilien’s poetry collection, Lost: The Language of My Mind, is proof that one may come undone before finally emerging as a powerful force to reckon with. A must-explore collection.

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" Unadulterated. Pure. Profound. Thought-provoking. "

—Shirley Beloff,The BookWalker​

Book-In-Focus: Lost: The language of my mind by Jimmy Exilien_The BookWalker

Lost: The language of My Mind by Jimmy Exilien

ISBN 978-1796051681

72 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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The poems of Jimmy Exilien put in voice our worries before the often-tragic spectacle of the modern world.

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