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“ In The Way Forward, Ben Heyliger successfully merged romance fiction and real-life issues in simple, free-flowing prose.

Some people attract sin like carcasses to flies. Jo did nothing to attract Bianca and Matt Sinclair, but they found him, nonetheless, in a hardware store one hot afternoon. Bianca—tight-fitting dress, high heels, dyed hair, and all—did not waste time. Although obviously way older than Jo, it wasn’t hard to conclude she was hitting on him, what with the way she was purring and looking at him like no one’s business. She started with innocent-enough questions that women often threw at Jo but ended with “Are you married?” Jo said no and thought to himself how long it had been since he was with someone and how he longed to be with someone now. Was Bianca about to change things for him? Jo was almost disappointed to learn that she came to the store with her husband, Matt—that was until he met Matt himself.

Matt wasn’t so different from his wife. “Maybe I shouldn’t assume, maybe you’re charming men out of their pants,” he joked, but one big thumb pressed into Jo’s shoulder. Uncomfortable, Jo asked to be excused for lunch, but days later, he came knocking on Sinclair’s door, looking to start on the little carpentry job they offered him and perhaps for something more.

Ben Heyliger’s The Way Forward has all the makings of an excellent romance novel—drool-worthy characters, steamy scenes, titillating dialogues. More noteworthy, however, is the personal conflict that Jo has to resolve. Between Jo’s romantic arrangement with the gorgeous Bianca and her dynamic husband, lust overtakes every aspect of Jo’s life and leaves Jo wondering whether he ever knew who he was, what he wanted, and where his life was going. At the very core of this excellent novel is a young man’s search for himself. His journey will seem familiar to many, because, indeed, the novel reflects a real issue in our society, a genuine quest for understanding and acceptance.

The Way Forward is as much about romance as it is about self-discovery. Readers will not be disappointed in how the protagonist resolves the conflicts in the story and will probably fall in love with him even more.

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" Memorable. Hard to put down contemporary romance"

—Francesca Salerno, The BookWalker

Book Discovery: A Week on a Ward by Vincent Blade Douglas_The BookWalker

The Way Forward by Benito Heyliger

114 Pages

ISBN 978-1643450803

Review by A. Alcott

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Benito R. Heyliger is the author of romance books, including First Kiss and The Chapel Wedding. Though he lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with his cat and dog, he loves to travel and has been to every other continent except Antarctica. Benito loves writing contemporary romance novels in his spare time. He came from an Island called Aruba, located in South America. He loves South Carolina; it has similarities like Aruba, for example, the same type of food, friendliness of the people as well the weather.