Book Talk: Through Loss to Love: A Personal Journey to Discover the True Meaning of Life and Death b

"I loved the first, and now I am keeping all three. Compelling and liberating read."

Sophia,The BookWalker

“What I would like to know is whether suicide is the choice to escape life because there is insufficient reason to live, or is suicide the choice to embrace death because of a sufficient reason to die?” The protagonist, Michael, throws the question at the love of his life, Emilee. Dr. Dorothy Stingler—the one who attempts to end her life—is depressed, and according to Emilee, that is all there is to it. Michael, however, refuses to accept that—there has to be something more, or what’s the point of living if to end one's life is as simple as that?

Through Loss to Love is the third book in Robert Bailor’s series. It continues to follow the life of Michael as he comes face-to-face with some emotional events in life. In Through Fire and Faith, the first book in the series, Michael struggled with his personal demons and came up victorious in faith and proved the strength of that faith in the second book, Through Horror to Hope. Now in Through Loss to Love, two characters who are close to Michael die, and Michael must sort out his feelings, learn to accept what he is dealt with, and rely on his faith to prop him up through another trying season.

While he thinks he is in a better place now, the good doctor’s suicide attempt and the death of other characters lead Michael to question what he believes about life and death, because “the question of death imposes itself on everyone’s life.” Does death lead to another life? Is life our chrysalis and does death complete our metamorphosis, when we transform to become who we are meant to be all along? Are we looking at death the wrong way all this time: is life ushering us to the best part of our existence?

Author Robert Bailor uses these conflicts to write poignant and stirring insights that are sure to make readers question their own philosophies. Despite the conflicts of the story, however, Bailor maintains an easy-to-grasp approach that makes reading all his books a pleasant, philosophical expedition. He has successfully made Michael an endearing character, far from the questionable man that he was in Through Fire and Faith, and successfully too, Bailor has made a profound impression that makes readers look forward to more of his books.

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" I loved the first, and now I am keeping all three. Compelling and liberating read."

—Sophia,The BookWalker

Through Loss to Love: A Personal Journey to Discover the True Meaning of Life and Death by Robert Bailor

ISBN 978-1728329680


Review by Amy Alcott

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Robert (Bob) Bailor is a recently retired philosophy professor, mental health therapist, and chemical addictions counselor. He has published three other books, two in the field of philosophy and one in addiction counseling, along with numerous articles in philosophy and counseling. Also, Bob has presented talks at national conferences on spirituality, counseling family members of addicts/alcoholics, and advancing professional counseling skills. His passions are his faith, his family, and his writing. Bob lives in Westerville, OH, with his wife, Mary Rose. He has three grown children and three grandchildren.

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