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A beautifully written allegory that is sure to rock your core.

Laura C. Walters’s The Perfect Jeweler follows the story of 29, an orphaned girl who dreams of being chosen to live in the Land of the Ideal. Since birth, the two digits etched on her palm has been her identity, and the House of the Orphans, with her small room, scratchy mattress, and moldy smell, has been the only home she has ever known—except that it wasn’t really a home. It was a place where rejected, abandoned, unwanted, and orphaned children live until they hit eighteen and permanently move on to the Valley of the Solitary, a place so deplorable, so wretched nothing ever grows there, not even love or friendship.

Number 29 is turning eighteen soon, and the thought of ending up in the Valley of the Solitary is slowly becoming a nightmare she can’t escape. However, Adoption Day may still change that for her, and so it is with a fervent, desperate prayer that she spends her days, asking anyone or anything in the universe to grant her biggest wish: to be chosen on Adoption Day.

The lucky ones who get adopted move to the Land of the Ideal and finally experience living in real homes with real families. They will receive sparkly rings to signify their welcome to their new community. More than any sparkly sing though, the chosen ones will be given names—with letters—and identities. Number 29 dreams of that day when the choppy and dissociated 29 will be no more, and instead, she will be called by a sweet sound—Allison or Lillian or something else more delightful.

That doesn’t happen on Adoption Day—at least for 29. Everyone finds a loving, welcoming family in the Land of the Ideal except for 29, who goes back to her cold and lonely room, feeling dejected more than ever. She starts to question her appearance, her demeanor, her essence. She starts to question her prayers—are they not enough? Is she not worth to be heard? Is she doomed for the Valley of the Solitary?

Before she plummets into the dark, dark abyss of hopelessness, the Keeper of the House of the Orphans hands her a letter—handwritten and personal, unlike the formal-looking ones given to the chosen ones on Adoption Day. Here, she finds the words she wants most of all: my daughter and your father. The letter asks 29 to embark on a journey to the House of the Jeweler, marked with an X on an attached map. While she wonders about the truthfulness of the letter and the consequences of following it, she resolves to be on her way and follow the map. After all, she has nothing to lose.

Readers keen on understanding the allegory created by Walters will understand that 29 and her conflicts reflect any one of us and our own struggles. The hope that propels her forward is the same hope that propels us day in and day out, and the loving father that awaits 29 is our living God, waiting for us to realize his love and presence, waiting for us to realize that all the sparkly things in life and all the attachments that come with them can’t compare to the greatest reward of all—an eternal life with our Father.

Laura C. Walters’s The Perfect Jeweler can be read on different levels, depending on where you are in life, but one thing is for sure: it is a beautiful book with a life-altering message—a must-read for all.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" This book is beautifully written, and I finished it with tears streaming down my face. What a touching testimony to the love and joy we have in our Father. The journey isn't always easy, and we will have challenges and obstacles along our way...but a life lived in the presence of our Father is one that is filled with the greatest joy. What a delightful reminder of what is most important! "

— Dena W, Amazon Readers Review

" This story takes the reader on a personal journey-one that is completely unique for each individual. As one reads through this well written story, each sees a different scenario based on their own life.I truly enjoyed the symbols gently woven into the plot. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever lost their way in life, which is all of us! "

— JWDJR, Amazon Readers Review

" Our life journey is filled with twists and turns. God doesn’t want us to settle for good or just OK when we can have His best for us. A must read! "

— Carolyn Dorsey, Amazon Readers Review

" The story reminded me of personal hardships and how "The Perfect Jeweler" brought restoration to me. This allegory spoke to my heart, reflecting on the goodness of our Heavenly Father. We are precious in His sight! "

— Lori B, Amazon Readers Review

Book Talk: The Perfect Jeweler by Laura C. Walters_The BookWalker

The Perfect Jeweler by Laura C. Walters

128 Pages

ISBN 978-1489722133

Review by Sophia Harnick

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Laura C. Walters graduated from Baylor University in 2011 and began teaching in Plano, Texas, shortly after. She has taught both English and Reading to middle and high school students and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in school counseling. Laura is currently an Instructional Coach in Frisco, Texas. Laura has written and contributed articles to the American PTSD Association. She is a member of Northway Church in Dallas, Texas, where she currently lives with her beagle, Tucker Finn. This is her first book.