Book Discovery: Poop in My Soup by Brady Scammons and Eileen Lagasse

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Brady Scammons and Eileen Lagasse’s illustrated children’s book Poop in My Soup is a funny, delightful entertainment that is sure to surprise adults and kids alike. It follows the story of the Dog in the Fog. One afternoon, after toiling hard from sunup to sundown, the Dog in the Fog came home hungry and tired. He had worked really hard and had used almost all his energy. All he wanted was a little rest and his yummy meal. So he hastened his steps to get home fast, and when he was finally home, he went straight to his meal, but what a disaster! There was poop in his soup. The poor dog couldn’t help his frustration. Who could have pooped in his soup? And why? Why his delicious soup?

The Dog in the Fog was determined to find the culprit. He asked the Bee in the Tree, “Did you poop in my soup?” The Bee in the Tree assured the Dog in the Fog that he did not, so the Dog in the Fog went on searching for the culprit. He met the Goat in the Coat and repeated his question. The Goat in the Coat, however, shook his head. Later, the Dog in the Fog asked the Pig with the Wig about the poop in his soup, but the Pig with the Wig didn’t have anything to do with it too. Who was left to ask, and who was the culprit?

The surprise waiting for readers at the end of the story will surely get much-deserved laughter. Poop in My Soup is funny and brilliant, and readers will be pleased to know that author Brady Scammons is but five years old. Together with his grandmother, Eileen Lagasse, and grandfather Gary Uliasz, who made the book’s illustrations, they made a fun book that the entire family can truly enjoy.

Book Discovery: Poop in My Soup by Brady Scammons and Eileen Lagasse_The BookWalker

Reviews and What Readers Say

" An entertaining family celebration that's not to be missed."

— Sharon A, The BookWalker

Poop in My Soup by Brady Scammons and Eileen Lagasse

ISBN 978-1796069716

24 Pages

Reviewed by Sharon Arian

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Eileen Lagasse was born in 1950 in Fall River, MA, to a French-Canadian father and Portuguese mother. After her retirement from 42 years in Financial Services, she began spending many days with her 5-year-old grandson, Brady Scammons. In addition to going places, building forts, and playing games, she enjoyed sharing her love of reading with Brady. Together they began writing children books incorporating many of the times they shared. Their first book, Poop in my Soup, was sparked in a restaurant restroom!

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