Book Talk: The Boulders in My Life That Shaped My Journey by Honey Badger

" It's filled with heart-rending accounts; moving,and inspirational!"

Anna Frieman,The BookWalker

“ This is what happened to me," signs author Honey Badger at the end of her letter to the readers in her book, The Boulders in My Life That Shaped My Journey. What follows is her account of the horrific instances of rape that happened to her as a child, on the campus, and in the military.

Honey Badger grew up in a military family. Her family has served for generations, and as she was growing up, she knew how proud they are to be serving their country. Naturally, it became her dream too, and not long after, Honey followed their footsteps. She enlisted in the Armed Forces, looking forward to a brilliant career. But, a horrible betrayal happened. One night she was raped by a third-class petty officer. She reported the incident, but she was betrayed once again. This time by the organization that she fully trusted to keep her safe, just like family.

What happened to Honey Badger is not an isolated incident. In 2012, the Department of Defense reported 26,000 sexual assaults and rape in the military for that year alone. The numbers are increasing, and according to the Rand Survey, 63 percent of the survivors report to have received direct threats and retaliation. Her own experience and the stories of countless others have fueled Honey Badger to write this book and continually speak about this.

Through her book, The Boulders in My Life That Shaped My Journey, she aims to tell her story, the painful details of her rape, the victim-blaming, the cover-ups, the re-victimization, and the trauma. She also speaks about how she worked towards healing and to take back her power. Through her book, she hopes to start a bigger conversation, to help other veterans that are living with Post Traumatic Stress and Military Sexual Trauma, and to help other women who have experienced similar suffering.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" It's filled with heart-rending accounts; moving,and inspirational!"

—Anna Frieman,The BookWalker

The Boulders in My Life That Shaped My Journey by Honey Badger

ISBN 978-1496961891

122 Pages

Review by Alice Garb

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When I was in the Navy, I decided that I was going to keep a journal. It was my place to write down my feelings and to tell my story. It was a place for me to tell what the third class petty officer did to me. It was a place for me to tell what was happening to me at the hands of my chain of command. I was never going to publish this book.

I decided to publish this journal after watching my friends testify on Capitol Hill and watched the US Senate ignore my friends. In 2012, the third class petty officer that raped me sent me an email admitting to what he did. NCIS reopened the investigation and came to talk to me. They called me a liar and said that they had to investigate me. They did not care what he admitted to that was in black and white. So I decided to publish my true story to tell my true story, to bring awareness to exactly what happens when one is raped and reports it to the chain of command and to make a point with those who do not know what rape does to the survivor.

This book is meant to educate those who have no idea what the effects of victim blaming/shaming, retaliation, and emotional abuse does. It's meant to raise awareness and educate about Post Traumatic Stress. It's meant to make a point with those who sit in a office in Washington and do not go on deployments or live with a chain of command that emotionally abuses, victim blames/shames, retaliates 24/7/365 days a year. It's meant for those in the Senate Armed Services Committee that think they know better then survivors who lived this hell every damn day and continue to live with the lasting effects. Military sexual trauma/rape is the ultimate betrayal committed by a "brother" that is supposed to have our backs. Victim blaming/shaming/retaliation by the chain of command is the "ultimate betrayal by a "family" that has the core values of Honor, Courage, Commitment that chooses to protect and promote rapists at all costs.

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