Book-In-Focus: Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Mrs. Bev

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This book is full of love, care and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Victoria,The BookWalker

A refreshing appealing read.

Shirley Allen, The BookWalker

This is something author, Mrs. Bev often hears when people find out that she teaches children ages three and four. Many teachers around the world would encounter this comment or a version of it regularly too. However, as any teacher would tell you, teaching can be a very fulfilling job, but with it, comes the crucial responsibility of molding young minds.

In her book, Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Mrs. Bev welcomes the readers into the world of daycare. She shares her insight into what children need to be able to learn as well as what parents and teachers need to provide to create the best environment for learning.

Author, Mrs. Bev has been writing and playing teacher since the age of five. Inspired by her own teachers at school, she pursued the profession and has been an inspiration to her students for over twenty-eight years. By teaching her students and through her learning centers, Mrs. Bev has held on to the principle that children learn best through fun. She makes sure that a welcoming environment where children feel excited to explore and learn through music, movement, art, and a focus on their individual areas of interest is nurtured at all times.

Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is a tool for young and new teachers who are just starting their careers in providing the best education for children in their early formative years. This responsibility can be daunting to those who are just starting out in the field, and teachers need all the support that they can get. Mrs. Bev shares what she has learned throughout her over twenty-eight years in teaching so that new teachers will be empowered to inspire and educate the children that are entrusted to them.

This book is also written for parents and educators, so they are equipped with the knowledge they need to support their children in their learning and encourage their children, from a very young age, to explore.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" This book is full of love, care and lessons that will last a lifetime."

—Victoria,The BookWalker

" A refreshing appealing read you would love to revisit from time to time."

—Shirley Allen,The BookWalker

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Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Mrs. Bev

ISBN 978-1984530981

136 Pages

Review by Shirley Allen

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From the author:

I wrote this book to share my experiences of teaching in daycare for twenty-eight years. My second reason is to share with teachers the importance of creating their classrooms with an abundance of learning centers. This includes art, math, science, language, drama, and blocks. I have experienced the educational value the children gain from them. They help children become independent. They begin to see things from another child’s point of view by working together with them to create. Children can discover things that are new to them and make connections with things they already know. Children make a concentrated effort to complete purposeful activities. In each part of my descriptions of each center, I provide information and examples I was successful with.

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