Book Talk: Collectables: A Collection of Tales by Ron Harrysson Sunhauke

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Ron Harrysson Sunhauke takes readers on a wild storytelling adventure and introduces a mix of interesting personalities and stories in Collectables: A Collection of Tales.

One young man, for example, lived to make the most out of a dilemma most teenagers must deal with. Marvin, like many, many young men and women, was plagued by a bad case of acne. He was not a good-looking fellow to start with, and his acne made his life in school even more unbearable. He was made fun of. His peers went out of their way to make Marvin feel uncomfortable, but Marvin didn’t break easily. In fact, he went to school every day and rolled with the pressure of teenage life. That was until he grew a humongous zit on his face.

The zit started like any other, but it did not stop from growing until it was too big that it looked like Marvin grew another head. Marvin’s peers made fun of him all the more, but soon, Marvin stopped going to school, and they felt terrible for Marvin. One day his peers paid Marvin a friendly visit, but instead of a massive zit on Marvin’s face, they saw a bandage on its place. The zit did pop. It left a stinky hole that oozed with what looked like gooey melted lard. Marvin’s mom had to sponge off all the gooey stuff from Marvin’s face.And to make matters worse, Marvin had such a kick out of sharing his gooey story. When he went back to school, no one was spared from his story. All his peers were appalled, but not Marvin. Ironically, his zit story gave him the confidence he needed.

In another story, Sunhauke introduces readers to an old man named Bill Rademacher. He lived in a charming cottage up the hill. Unlike Marvin, Rademacher was loved by everyone in town, and he loved everyone too. He tended to his garden every day and always made time for neighbors who would stop by to have a chitchat with him, often bringing him snacks or a hot meal. Rademacher was such a positive person that everybody in town, from young school children to widowed neighbors, gravitated toward him and his easy smile. They never guessed how Rademacher would go out for good one day because there were no hints nor telltale signs. There was no goodbye. Rademacher went to his garden one last time. There was a glint of sadness in his eyes—the kind that no one had seen on him or even suspected he was capable of. Only his garden bore witness to this fleeting sadness that engulfed the old man as he looked around the garden he had cared for for so long. He went back to his cottage and killed himself—no goodbyes, no explanations.

These two short stories showcase Sunhauke’s compelling storytelling. Collectables has forty whimsical journeys that blend the qualities of outer-worldly planets and small-town America, forming tales where reality and imagination mingle and generate unforgettable fantasy adventures. Furthermore, it’s impossible not to be affected by his exaggerated tales. Such is the power of excellent storytelling.

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" An excellent form of entertainment."

—A. Alcott, The BookWalker

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Collectables: A Collection of Tales by Ron Harrysson Sunhauke

ISBN 978-1462050376

280 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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Ron Schaefer (aka Ron Harrysson Sunhauke) is a playwright, screenwriter, poet, & novelist; as well as a stage & film director/producer. He is the founder of Solar Wind Media Group which includes events such as the Spirit Arts Festival and the Space Symposium.

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