Book Talk: Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Mrs. Bev

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This book is full of love, care and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Victoria,The BookWalker

A refreshing appealing read.

Shirley Allen, The BookWalker

The task of teaching little three- and four-years-olds may sound overwhelming, and for sure, it is not a walk in the park, but changing our approach may be the key to fruitful times with little ones, whether they are at home or in daycare.

In her book, Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, author Mrs. Bevs shares pro tips gleaned from twenty-eight years of experience in daycare. She emphasizes the single most crucial factor that makes learning at the daycare level not only possible but engaging and progressive as well—fun. Apparently, laughter is the secret to a happy and healthy learning place. Children who have fun in daycare are receptive to activities initiated by their teachers and positively interact more with other children.

According to the author, “I believe children learn through fun. My learning centers had a welcoming effect on children. They invited kids to come and explore. … One of the keys to drawing children to learn is to first find out their individual favorite areas! It is a real cue, sometimes in behavior problems, and a source of redirection.”

As each child is a different individual, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching them. New daycare teachers can forget about planned, step-by-step lessons. A little fighting here, a skinned knee, a full-blown tantrum there are all parts of everyday life in daycare, and knowing what works for each child, how to draw him or her out of her shell or his or her tantrum, should be every teacher’s priority. A tall order, yes, but with love and genuine care, Mrs. Bev says it can be done like she has obviously achieved for her daycare kids. This love and care allow the teacher to see through the little busybodies and understand they are individuals who need love, attention, and time.

Many kids do not receive the love, attention, and time they deserve and need at home and in school. As a result, they look elsewhere. Without proper guidance, they may stumble upon inappropriate sources of love, attention, and time. The author emphasizes this throughout her book: raising and teaching kids need love and genuine care. The teacher who truly loves her daycare kids and genuinely cares about their well-being will take the time to know each individual child and ensure her or his lessons are suitable for that child. That type of teacher will take no shortcuts because she knows that what she gives that child today is part of that child’s foundation for her future. Mrs. Bev understands this, and she gives other teachers, aspiring teachers, and even parents lots of ideas to make getting you to know children enjoyable for both teacher and students.

Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is a real treasure that generations of teachers and aspiring teachers should read. It is well-written, entertaining, and brimming with excellent ideas to try at home and in school.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" This book is full of love, care and lessons that will last a lifetime."

—Victoria,The BookWalker

" A refreshing appealing read you would love to revisit from time to time."

—Shirley Allen,The BookWalker

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Daycare: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Mrs. Bev

ISBN 978-1984530981

136 Pages

Review by Shirley Allen

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From the author:

I wrote this book to share my experiences of teaching in daycare for twenty-eight years. My second reason is to share with teachers the importance of creating their classrooms with an abundance of learning centers. This includes art, math, science, language, drama, and blocks. I have experienced the educational value the children gain from them. They help children become independent. They begin to see things from another child’s point of view by working together with them to create. Children can discover things that are new to them and make connections with things they already know. Children make a concentrated effort to complete purposeful activities. In each part of my descriptions of each center, I provide information and examples I was successful with.

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