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In her book Unfold Your Petals, Evangeline Cain beckons to the goddess in every woman. Cain examines the ways of the goddess and her timeless impact in a woman’s everyday life, which, ultimately, ripples to affect the whole universe.

The author empowers every woman to look at herself and see the goddess waiting to be set free. A woman herself is a universe going through millions of transitions and transformations. She goes through ups and downs and twists and turns. Marred by the conflicts surrounding her, she often hinders herself from becoming who she is always meant to be, allowing herself to settle far from her goddess nature. This is where Cain wants women to pause and carefully examine themselves against their real goddess nature. According to the author, voices that cry out, “I’m not skinny enough. He will never love me. I have stretch marks,” are the voices that stop women from experiencing love on a deeper level. “Not your looks or your stretch marks. It’s you standing in your own way because you’ve already told yourself: ‘I am not worthy of his love.’”

Cain cites her own experiences to illustrate her points. She is honest and open about her weaknesses and victorious when she said, “Feminism in a goddess leads to a man’s soul. It leads deep into the walls that many are afraid to go.” To help women understand their own nature, the author provides a shortlist of myth goddesses from all over the world. She gives historical information about these goddesses and helps readers understand how these goddesses may be called upon to protect, heal, or help women in the modern times.

The rest of the book is devoted to the development of the inner goddess found in every woman. Distributed over thirty days are topics for the mind, body, and spirit, every single one of which will surely help a woman discover herself and her potentials.

Unfold Your Petals by Evangeline Cain oozes with feminism, empowerment, and hope. It is a powerful reminder of a woman’s power to be the goddess that she is meant to be.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Profound and pleasurable read that offers explaination of our natural tendency and social behavior . Unfold Your Petals is a notable work worth a space in your shelf."

—Sophia A, The BookWalker

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Unfold Your Petals by Evangeline Cain

90 Pages

ISBN 978-1524554330

Review by Kate Paetz

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Evangeline Cain is the author of a series of books, and the first one is called Goddess Fly Away. Evangeline has always been a writer, but she has shied away from her primal calling because she was too busy raising her beautiful son and daughter. Now that they are older, she has finally stepped into her passion in full force to unlock her sacred dreams.