Book Talk: A Faith Worth Living: Now More Than Ever by Jack Shick

Book Talk: A Faith Worth Living: Now More Than Ever by Jack Shick_The BookWalker

Completed in 2016, A Faith Worth Living: Now More Than Ever has been revised to address more-recent concerns regarding faith, but at its very core, it is timeless labor of love that will significantly affect its readers, whether or not they are Catholics.

Central to author Jack Shick's writing are four significant questions that must be addressed at an intimate personal level, simply because faith is a personal choice. Shick presents supporting arguments to help readers understand why faith is as vital as the oxygen we breathe.

First, does God exist, and did he create the universe? This is arguably the most important question where faith is concerned, but for Shick, this is an easy one to answer. The author writes, "Just look around at the complexity and beauty contained within the world. … All convince me that God does truly exist and that he created everything that we see, touch, smell, and feel." Shick posits that something as random as the big bang theory couldn't have put together such a systematic universe. He says, "In my humble opinion, science strengthens the argument for a Creator and his intelligent design."

The author proceeds to explore whether or not God is a loving God and why he allows bad things to happen. Finally, he examines the evidence concerning the fact that Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God. All these hard questions were carefully examined with a fine-toothed comb, in a free-flowing, easy-to-digest language. There is eloquence in Shick's writing and a pearl of undeniable wisdom, especially when admitting to his leaving the church twice amidst the church scandals that angered him beyond reason. According to the author, leaving the church was one of the worst mistakes of his life, but it also led him to a few of its most significant transformations.

In part, A Faith Worth Living: Now More Than Ever is a form of penance for his ditching the church during its trying times, but also it is the author's contribution to the growing need to evangelize our modern world and prevent others from leaving their faith like he did.

Jack Shick's A Faith Worth Living: Now More Than Ever is a potentially life-changing reading experience.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" I am a bit biased as I know the author very well but Jack's writing is a very well captured true to life story of all of us who have at one time or another been not only challenged in our faith but returned by our faith into God's loving arms. A blend of real life witness with theology and years of study the book clearly shows how God longs to hold us close but also allows us to choose. I could not be more thankful for Jack writing this book and putting himself out there but also to see a man I respect share his faith for others to hopeful read and use to help them on their faith journeys. In a society bent on showing male failure Jack's public testimony proves there are great men out there quietly leading lives of great faith."

—Gatorn2, Amazon Reader's Review

" Strongly recommend this book, wherever you are on your faith journey. Jack put together so many inspiring thoughts that I prayerfully hope will be the spark for those family members whom I love and failed to properly evangelize. Catholics, come home!"

—David Brownell, Amazon Reader's Review

Book Talk: A Faith Worth Living: Now More Than Ever by Jack Shick_The BookWalker

A Faith Worth Living:Now More Than Ever by Jack Shick

208 Pages

ISBN 978-1728327501

Review by A. Alcott

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From the Author

I first wrote this book," A Faith Worth Living," in 2016, after attending a retreat entitled "Christ Renews His Parish." I wrote the book initially as my attempt to promote an evangelization of the church and an attempt to pass on my understanding of the faith to my children and others who had left the church. It was also a penance of sorts for having left the church in 2002 when the scandals rocked our faith. I also saw a world that was spiraling downward and turning it's back on God and wanted to help people find their way back.The book sat unpublished until the latest scandals again surfaced. I saw it as my duty, this time around, to help people realize just why they were Catholics and to help build a dam against another exodus from the church because it had been such a destructive decision in my own life.The sub-title, "Now More than ever", really has 2 meanings. First, I believe that it will be by the growth of faith that we will revers the ever downward spiral that the world finds itself in. Second, for Catholics, it is a reminder that now is not the time to walk away. Doing anything else will only result in our own self-destruction. We are told to "Be a light to the world," and this book is my light, and I place it on the lampstand for all to see. I hope it will allow you to place yours there also and perhaps together we can change the world.

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