Book-In-Focus: TABLOID MAN by Ron Schaefer

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Inspired by the science fiction films of the 1950s mixed with dark humor, monsters, spaceships, nuclear weapons, divine apparitions, and constipation is Ron Schaefer's, Tabloid Man.

Tabloid Man follows the story of a journalist called Peter Weiner, also known in his bylines as P. Weiner. He is a nerdy reporter who works for a tabloid, the kind that you find in supermarkets, that entices the readers with salacious headlines about celebrities and politicians sprinkled with weird stories from around the world. These headlines may be scandalous and often offensive, but it always succeeds in getting its readerships' attention until they shamefully pick it up and stealthily include it with their purchase.

Weiner, a journalist on his quest for the world's weirdest stories, stumbled upon a story inspiration from an ad featuring a "paleo-rectologist" or an expert on anuses and literal shit, Dr. Flabbergast. This bizarre story has brought him to Switzerland to meet the eccentric doctor and might lead him to solve the world's biggest problems and end the war that is in a standstill due to unfavorable bowel conditions.

If all of that sounds peculiar, it is because this story is bizarre. Reading Tabloid Man is like entering into a contract with Schaefer to not only suspend disbelief but to enter into a rabbit hole of Cheez Whiz conspiracies and constipation set in an impending world war. Once that is established, it is a rewarding read.

Tabloid Man is a fun book that seems to make fun of you for reading it, but somehow it is alright because it ridicules itself first. Tabloid Man takes a jab at everything. He takes a jab at it himself, at his co-workers, his boss, and at the world.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Guffaws after guffaws. A keeper. I love it. "

—Sophia A, The BookWalker

Book-In-Focus: TABLOID MAN by Ron Schaefer_The BookWalker

TABLOID MAN by Ron Schaefer

ISBN 978-1796048469

182 Pages

Review by Krystle Manis

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Ron Schaefer (aka Ron Harrysson Sunhauke) is a playwright, screenwriter, poet, & novelist; as well as a stage & film director/producer. He is the founder of Solar Wind Media Group which includes events such as the Spirit Arts Festival and the Space Symposium.

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