Author Spotlight: Heaven's Royalty, That's Me! by Selena Holston Gabriel

March 20, 2020



Author Selena Holston Gabriel has an important message to share with everyone and all the little girls all over the world. It is a message of hope, empowerment, and God's love. She shares this message through her book, Heaven's Royalty, That's Me!


Heaven's Royalty, That's Me! is a vibrant book that will capture the hearts and minds of girls ages 3-8. This fun and inclusive book teaches young girls about their identity as real princesses in God's Kingdom. With this identity comes the responsibility of being compassionate to others, celebrating their individuality, and using their God-given gifts to be a blessing to the world. This book is also full of reminders about how each and every girl is loved and cherished in the eyes of God.



This empowering and encouraging message is something girls need to hear at an early age so they can grow up confident in their inherent worth as daughters of the King. Holston Gabriel uses rhyming text and partnered with Stacy Bearden to create culturally diverse illustrations so that young girls will be able to easily connect with the message of the book. This also affirms their beauty, authenticity, and value in the world. At an age where one's worth is often measured in superficial standards, girls need to be emboldened by the knowledge that they are seen, loved, and truly valued in the world and in God's kingdom.



Heaven's Royalty, That's Me! is part of Heaven's RoyalTEA™, an event series that Selena created to share the message and mission of her book. These unique, ticketed events, hosted in partnership with churches and Christian groups, offer teas and treats, a craft, and feature a "live" dramatic reading of the book with the author. Teas are primarily for girls, "Moms & Daughters," or women's groups and encourage those who come to lead with their God-given strengths and live "on purpose." Heaven's Royalty Traveling Tea™ is a pop-up tea and author's signing. Pop-up teas are available for schools, churches, and other groups.






Heaven's Royalty, That's Me! by Selena Holston Gabriel

ISBN 978-1973665946

38 Pages 

Review by K Manis




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Selena Holston Gabriel is devoted to the global health and welfare of children and she is an advocate of children's rights. She has served children and families on the front lines of international relief work, compassionate ministry, global missions partnerships, and community development projects in the U.S. and throughout Latin America for many years. She is a tenured community organizer and Christian community developer. Her book, Heaven's Royalty, That's Me! is dedicated to her daughter Micah, and it is devoted to affirming, equipping, and empowering GIRLS around the globe. For more information about Selena or books by this author, visit her website:







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