Book-in-Focus: Awakening: Awakening is not what you think by Nevşah

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People have always tried to be happy. We get married, have children, acquire wealth, build and destroy things, and find out that these are not enough. We find hobbies, see movies, do sports, travel, then realize that all of those things are fleeting. We participated in wars, fought within ourselves, tried to be better than the next person, and realize that these things did not help.

We look for happiness everywhere but within ourselves. Titles, luxury, even destruction, did not help because our consciousness always knew the truth. This is the truth that the author, Nevşah, explores with the readers in her book, Awakening: Awakening Is Not What You Think.

At the beginning of her book, Nevşah writes, "I am responsible for my life." She teaches that everything we search for is already embedded within us. According to Nevşah, "A new world opens up the moment a person understands that the world does not have a meaning, and your mission is to make it mean something." In this book, she teaches her readers the principles behind this concept and how to get ourselves in tune with this truth. Every action we do to others, we do to ourselves. What we think of others is a reflection of the judgment we cast upon ourselves.

The world is in chaos. It has been for a long time now, and the changing times have only accelerated our awareness of the plagues, the hate, the pain, and the confusion that is in the world. More than ever, people are saying, "Enough!" More than ever, people are wondering if there is an alternative to the current state of their existence. And, more than ever, people are asking, is there another way?

Awakening: Awakening Is Not What You Think offers a revolutionary approach to enlightenment and awakening. Nevşah encourages us to shed the illusion of the world as we know it and step into a new one where we are one with God and awake at every moment.

Book-in-Focus: Awakening: Awakening is not what you think  by Nevşah_The BookWalker

Awakening: Awakening is not what you think by Nevşah

ISBN 978-1982229719

242 Pages

Review by K Manis

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NEVSAH is a spiritual leader, teacher, author, and speaker committed to enlightenment. She is a distinguished and highly respected international expert on breathing science who won numerous awards and has been an inspiration to millions. She is the founding president of Breath Coaching Federation and the co-creator of The Breath Coaching System. She is still leading courses and professional training that have changed thousands of people's lives globally. She has trained thousands of breath coaches and trainers, lead hundreds of courses, retreats, training, and has given more than a thousand lectures around the world in the past 20 years. She has also been leading A Course of Miracles workgroups for 15 years. Please visit Nevsha's website:​