Book Discovery: A Pair of Shoes in the Laundry Basket by Thomas J.F.

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The big moments of our lives are often far and few in between. Fortunately, there are many profound messages enclosed in the most mundane events. This is how we keep learning as we go through our lives. When we are open to it, the God-given wisdom to discern these truths are available to us so that even the most uneventful of circumstances can teach us lessons that can change the course of our lives.

Thomas J F, author of A Pair of Shoes in the Laundry Basket, shares the great lessons he gleaned from the life events, relationships, and experiences that, at a glance, seem ordinary. He shares anecdotes on his marriage with Rachel, his interactions with his children, and the people that he ministers to. Thomas is a compelling storyteller who, through his heartwarming and sometimes humorous anecdotes, shares biblical truths found in everyday life.

Although Thomas describes these life events as ordinary, it is not without obstacles. His stories reflect one who wades through his personal insecurities, financial difficulties, and life's challenges armed with the confidence of someone who lives in Christ's truth. What makes his stories so compelling and disarmingly relatable is his candidness and honesty in presenting his own experiences.

A Pair of Shoes in the Laundry Basket takes the readers through Thomas' life, from his youth, his marriage, fatherhood, career, and ministry and often stopping to discuss the lessons learned along the way. His life is not lacking its own adequacies, but God has given him the gift of discernment to recognize these beautiful truths that leads to a fulfilling life. This book is an open invitation to stop and see the gems that are in insignificant, transient, or ordinary interactions. They are present and waiting for hearts that are ready to receive them.

Book Discovery: A Pair of Shoes in the Laundry Basket by Thomas J.F._The BookWalker

Reviews and What Readers Say

" A powerful Christian chronicle of the perception of exceptional truths from unexceptional events. Thomas J .F. in his remarkable memoir A Pair of Shoes in the Laundry Basket travels through his youth, marriage, fatherhood and career not without his baggage of emotional insecurities, economic inadequacies and uncertainties of the future. Amazingly through unexpected paths and unusual ways, destinations in life are covered or accomplished by the sustaining grace and tender mercies of a caring God. The journey is made worthwhile and engaging, more so as no mundane moment is left without vivid and insightful glimpses into the Bible. God's loving faithfulness, transforming times of dismay and difficulty is touching. Profound and distinct discernment of situations teetering between hypocrisy and forthrightness, insensitivity and compassion, cowardice and courage, conceit and humility to mention some of them. Compelling art of storytelling, interspersed with humour makes the reading enjoyable. Lucid depiction attributes to his disarming and inviting sense of style. Tremendously reassuring as the narrative is strikingly honest and penetrating. Certainly a delightfully humane and spiritually rewarding book, moving one to minister. "

— Tech Fern, Amazon Readers Review

" Real life lessons - insightful. The author has been able to correlate what would be normal everyday things to a deeper thought and relate it to messages from the Bible makes one start to look within oneself. I hope that at some point, I am able to understand as well, with God being my guide."

— Rhenius Madhusudhan, Amazon Readers Review

" I'm not much of a book person as I'd rather watch a movie and take things in. This is one of the few books I've read this year and I must say it's really good.The things I liked here are its individual chapters. They're short and keep you entertained, this is especially true when it's an autobiography.I would definitely read this again and hope the author is working on a sequel. "

— George, Amazon Readers Review

A Pair of Shoes in the Laundry Basket by Thomas J.F.

ISBN 978-1973640271

146 Pages

Review by K Manis

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Thomas J.F. is the author of several Christian devotions, songs, poems, academic research articles, and textbooks. He lives and works in Muscat, Oman. He is married to Rachel Priyalatha, and the couple has two sons: Abishek and Ashirwad.

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