Book Talk: The Plumber: A Lee W. Hickok Novel by William Lynes

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Following the novels, 606 University and Sweet Amber, the troubled yet altruistic protagonist, Lee W. Hickok, MD, solves yet another medical mystery in William Lynes' The Plumber: A Lee W. Hickok Novel.

Case after case of patients missing one or both kidneys turns up at the emergency room in Galveston, Texas. What all these patients have in common is that they come from the dregs of society, people who live in the drug-addled parts of the city, and have met the surgeon who calls himself "The Plumber."

Hickok, an alcoholic urologist, receives these patients while in great pain and finds the connection between them and the new patients that turn up in his ER. Together with law enforcement, Hickock must solve this mystery before the number of victims piles up. There are too many people in danger, which makes identifying The Plumber's real identity a race against time. It doesn't help that there are multiple suspects in the list, including a local urologist, a mysterious Russian immigrant and his wife, and one of his residency staff. While The Plumber remains free, people are at risk of being under his vicious knife.

As with the previous books, Hickok battles his own addictions, his complicated past, and the dreams that plague even his waking hours. In The Plumber, he must understand the mind of this butcher, what compels him to commit such violent acts, and how he chooses his victims while simultaneously fighting his own demons.

The Plumber is a thrilling medical mystery that also tackles medical history and the plight of those who most of society have turned away from. The Plumber explores how these groups are more vulnerable to crime and injustice. In The Plumber, Lynes invites readers to join Hickok in narrowing down the list of suspects and saving more potential victims from meeting the same plight of others who have met the butcher playing surgeon.

Book Talk: The Plumber: A Lee W. Hickok Novel by William Lynes_The BookWalker

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Once I started reading it - couldn’t bare to put it down until finished .Interesting and fast moving medical mystery - the third Lee W novel I’ve read by this author. Good read. "

— Jack Flemmings, Amazon Readers Review

" While this book is well written I found it hard to get into too much medical information although it was well explained."

— Wee Scot, Amazon Readers Review

The Plumber: A Lee W. Hickok Novel by William Lynes

ISBN 978-1532002069

270 Pages

Reviewed by Sophia Harnick

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William Lynes, MD, is a retired physician, urologist, and speaker. His Pirates, Scoundrels, and Kings is a fantasy/adventure story set in a medieval world. The award-winning Luger Rounds is a medical mystery. His Lee W. Hickok novels include 606 University, Sweet Amber, The Plumber, and his newest novel Huntsville. A Surgeon's Knot will soon be released. Dr. Lynes lives in Temecula, California, with his wife, Patrice.

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