Book Talk: Woman of the Moon: A Compilation of Poems Aspiring to Describe the Impossible, Attempting

Because the word love is not enough to express what love is, poet and feminist Pamela Wasabi attempt to show the fullness of love through poetry in her book, Woman of the Moon.

Woman of the Moon is a book that is full of contemplation of what love is, and at the same time, it recognizes that there is no single way to define love. In the poem called "Love is Eternal," Wasabi writes, "The word "Love" doesn't do justice to what Love really is. Between those four letters stories, encounters, tears, and joy reside". It concludes that love cannot be defined; it is lived, felt, and shared.

This book is full of discoveries. Love can expand or overturn what we know about life. Much of her poetry expresses this. An example is a poem called "Love is the Tiny Font," where Wasabi speaks to the fine prints of life and love that we overlook but affects us in so many ways.

Wasabi writes about the complexities of love. In the poem "Love is to Evolve," she writes, " You can't unlove, but you can evolve." Love disregards what we think love should be. It laughs at the timelines we create or the expectations we set for ourselves. This poem and many others in this collection remind us that love is not linear.

We try to contain love in a word or in one definition. Woman of the Moon tells us that love will overflow from the confines of any vessel. The heart itself cannot contain love. The only way we can begin at explaining it is through using the language that the heart speaks, and that is poetry. Woman of the Moon reminds us that Love is life, love is a good story, love is your body, love is everything, and still, it is more than all of that.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" I started reading this book yesterday. Omg! I was So mind blown by the depth of the words that the Author has put together. It takes your soul, mind and body on another level of time traveling through words. And I am pretty sure I’m going to re-read it and each time it will have a different meaning or I will discover even more depth, depending on the time in life, you find yourself in. It challenges you to think deeper on what love really means or is. I even bought a second one to gift someone. Very inspiring words ! "

— Michaela Schulte, Amazon Readers Review

" I loved this book so much I bought one for my friend. The author has such a unique perspective. This book is truly a labor of love."

— Christina, Amazon Readers Review

" A book that inspires and allures the feminine soul to awaken to a deeper more profound and healing way of loving ourselves and others."

— Patty Gallo, Amazon Readers Review

" Woman of the moon captured me right away. What a way with words. They touched me deeply."

— Alexander D, Amazon Readers Review

" Woman of the moon captured me right away. What a way with words. They touched me deeply."

—Veronica Menin, Amazon Readers Review

Woman of the Moon: A Compilation of Poems Aspiring to Describe the Impossible, Attempting to Define Love by Pamela Wasabi

ISBN 978-1982239954

182 Pages

Review by K. Manis

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Pamela Wasabi is a thought innovator on women’s social issues, food education, and conscious relationships. Her background stretches from the whereabouts of the psychology of eating, integrative nutrition, eastern philosophy, to plant-based food artistry.She’s a mother, an Oracle Card reader, and a lover of life. Wasabi is the founder of a local bakery in Miami, bringing the message of Self-Love to the table, proposing a new approach to food with her motto #EatMoreBeauty.

She’s the author of "Nourished, The Plant-based Path to Health and Happiness,” which explores our relationship with food and self. In January 2020 she published “Woman of the Moon ” a poetry book filled with wild feminist prose proposing the liberation of the soul from the oppression imposed by the ego-mind.

Pamela Wasabi is currently working on her third title, “ Returning to the Wild Woman,” which expands on women’s food challenges and body image issues. She presents the healing solution through the connection, revival, and balance of a woman’s Sacred Feminine energy.

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