Book Talk: The Book of Bunnies: Lessons from the World of Nature for Creating a Happy Life by R. M. Jensen

April 18, 2020


The Book of Bunnies: Lessons from the World of Nature for Creating a Happy Life by R.M. Jensen is a treasure of a book that is heart-warming and timely. It has the potential of rising to the top and turning into a well-loved classic. More importantly, however, it is Jensen's heartening pebble of good intentions that she hopes will create "continuing rings of happiness to form across the entire pond of life."



In her book, Jensen uses a powerful metaphor to emphasize nuggets of wisdom that men, women, and even children can learn from. These pieces of wisdom are gleaned from the life and the experiences of a bunny—not a rabbit, mind you, for rabbits are hunted by people. Bunnies, on the other hand, are loved and well taken care of.



Unbeknownst to man, bunnies live much like humans do. Their day is filled with a constant stream of activities, they love their families and relate to other bunnies in their communities. But unlike humans, they do not thrive where there is animosity. They respect every life form as much as they want to be respected. They seek to build bridges rather than burn them. They do not allow negativity to dampen their spirits. They do not dwell on differences, because after all, they are all bunnies. They adhere to the bunny credo, a set of guidelines that every bunny follows to the letter for a good and happy life.



Jensen hopes that, by sharing the bunny credo, man will learn from her bunny friend. Indeed, "life, while sometimes complicated, can also be reduced to some basic fundamentals; and creating a happy life for yourself and those you love can ultimately have a positive effect on others."


Find something to be grateful for each and every day.


Whenever possible, be nice. When this is not possible, think twice before you act or speak. If you decide you can't be nice, then at least do it in the nicest way possible.


Let go of the small stuff when you can. Putting it in your gunnysack becomes a heavy load if you pack it around.


Allow others to be who they are, not who you want them to be.


Most things in life involve timing, perception, and intent. And those can be changed.



Enriching and easy to read, The Book of Bunnies: Lessons from the World of Nature for Creating a Happy Life by R.M. Jensen is the book we all need right now.





Reviews and What Readers Say


" The kind of guidance/advice we all need to know or be reminded of. Can peace on earth really begin with me - with just one person? Well, the Bunny believes it can and I am ready to try. Not a book of Bunnies for little ones - share the lessons with them, though. You will be glad you did. " 

— Deborah Jean, Amazon Reader's Review



" A lovely little book with a message that can enhance your life." 

— Marne Jensen, Amazon Reader's Review





The Book of Bunnies: Lessons from the World of Nature for Creating a Happy Life by R. M. Jensen

32 Pages

ISBN 978-1504331562

Review by A. Alcott



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R. M. Jensen's dance with the written word spans a career as a business consultant and a university professor. Much of her life philosophy was formed from the years she lived in Sedona, AZ. A native of the Northwest, she now lives near Seattle, WA, where she feeds wild bunnies in her backyard.







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