Book Talk: Jin-9 by Em Majdob

May 2, 2020



How can a young boy who is "the chosen one" blend in and simultaneously protect the earth from the powerful creatures that threaten to rule it? Readers will find out in this comic series, Jin-9 by Em Majdob.



Jin-9 is a story about a young boy who is chosen to become an earth guardian. Jin-9 or Jin Natres is a powerful young boy who is tasked with the responsibility of protecting Native City's civilians against the powerful Evolved Xzapians, Robots, and Pyrene creatures. As the earth faces impending threats, Jin-9's responsibility grows. His mentors, the other earth guardians count on Jin-9 to achieve his full potential and become the Legendary Cyber-Ranger. The citizens of Native City and the whole world count on him to protect him from the forces that will attempt to disrupt the peace and take their city.



While all of these responsibilities rest heavily on Jin-9's shoulders, he must also balance being an earth guardian with maintaining what has to appear as a regular life in school. As his identity as an earth guardian is kept secret from the public, Jin-9 needs to make sure no one from his school uncovers his secret. Jin-9 has been able to keep his identity hidden and his classmates at arm's length until a new student moves to his school. Will it still be possible for him to be Jin Natres, the young student and Jin-9, the earth guardian who comes in between Native City and the dangers that threaten its citizens?



Jin-9 is a comic series by a young storyteller and artist, Em Majdob. As a fan of comics himself, he wants to bring the hero story of Jin-9 to life. Majdob has written and illustrated Jin-9. With his comic series and inspire young game-changers to achieve the impossible.





Reviews and What Readers Say


" Content and images beautifully work together in this graphic comic series.


— Lester Danielson, The BookWalker








Jin-9 by Em Majdob

24 Pages

ISBN 978-1532085673

Review by K Manis



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Note: Now Available: Click here




Em Majdob is a young digital artist and aspiring content creator. As a young storyteller, Em explores  to create amazing and heart-warming stories about life in a fictional world.







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