Book-In-Focus: Catalyst of Love by Ryan Abrahams

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There’s no shortage of perspective in Ryan Abrahams’s Catalyst of Love. From music to new-age spirituality to death and trauma to love and hope, author Ryan Abrahams talks about events in his life that became catalysts of love and change.

Among several things that stand out from the poetry collection is the author’s firm conviction that a loving relationship with others starts with a healthy dose of self-love and self-respect. He truly believes that one cannot give what one does not have. That said, he encourages meditation as a powerful way of reaching the depths of the soul and of understanding the ways of the universe.

It is impressive how Abrahams seamlessly incorporates meditation tips into his poetry collection. He encourages readers to use his poetic pieces as a springboard to connect with and have a real understanding of the self. His poetry, therefore, is not only an expression of his thoughts and feelings but also a useful vehicle to higher vibrations.

Abrahams introduces each poem by recalling the who, what, or why of the piece. These introductions give readers a good grasp of the author’s circumstances before completely immersing into his personal insights—his poems.

For instance, the author shares how losing his best friend to suicide at the age of twelve shut him off from ever giving and receiving genuine love until his wife came along, and he learned to shed off his defenses little by little. His childhood trauma became a catalyst of love, inspiring him to seize every opportunity to love because life is short and unpredictable.

Abrahams’s poetic style reflects the apparent influence of Jamaican reggae music in his life. There is, for example, an unmistakable trace of Bob Marley’s positive message and upbeat language in Abrahams’s rhymes.

Spirit Inside

Our SPIRIT INSIDE we cannot deny

Our SPIRIT INSIDE we cannot lie

We are free if you let it be your guide

Wake up from your sleep, remember we are divine!

Don’t hold back, let your spirit fly.

Overall, Abraham’s writing style is easy to grasp, and his positive message is much needed, especially during these times of uncertainties. Relevant and potentially life-changing, Catalyst of Love is a highly recommended collection.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" A good book to read during this social isolation time. Ryan’s poems are heartfelt and uplifting and his meditations for the reader have helped me to center myself and be more mindful every day. The photos in the book are also breathtaking. "

— Alejandra Lievano, Amazon Reader's Review

" I've had the pleasure to get to know Ryan and he is a special soul. he truly is a catalyst for love and positivity. I recommend this book to everyone. we all need a pick me up one day and reminders on what is important in life.. this book does just that! "

— Abby L., Amazon Reader's Review

" Great easy read, filled with emotion and good vibes. I enjoyed learning about the Author before each poem."

— Sarah McD, Amazon Reader's Review

" Ryan writes with all his soul and heart. These poems will pick you up at any time. You feel Ryan's energy throughout the book and I highly recommend it."

— Corey Schneiderman, Amazon Reader's Review

" Great book for the bookshelf, a fantastic first book of poetry by the author. Great heartfelt poetry, wonderfully written."

— Wyatt, Amazon Reader's Review

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Catalyst of Love by Ryan Abrahams

62 Pages

ISBN 978-1982202590

Review by A Alcott

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From the Author;

My book Catalyst of Love is a collection of the poems I have written over the last 20 years about my love for my family, my triumphs and tribulations and how both the positive and negative events in your life can both be a Catalyst of Love for you. My poems are like personal mantras by which I try to live my life by. My poetry is greatly influenced by growing up in Jamaica and listening to positive uplifting Reggae Music. One of the things I think the world needs more of right now is more Respect for one another. It is okay to have different views on religion, culture and ideology, but our different beliefs do not give us the right to disrespect and disregard another's point of view.

This poem titled Respect is one of my favorites and reflects accurately how I feel about the world.


Respect, I and I love to say this word

To say it with my voice, so my love vibration can and will be heard.Respect in every aspect should be the way of the world.Living in love with judgement and not by the sword. Respect for one another, respect for your sister and brother. Respect for you family and friends is the only way. Respect as we all bleed the same blood and love our children at the end of the day. Respect for your community, your city, you country and precious mother earth. Respect the divine love you have inside of you, for that is the key to truly love one another and change the world! RESPECT!

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