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Diamond Spring’s engrossing novel, Vincala, puts forth an important question: does love truly conquer all?

The author opens the story with an odd love triangle: Nat married Redwood for her money, provoking the anger of his mistress, Lita. For the longest time, Lita presumed she’d be the queen of Cold Shore one day, but to save the kingdom from financial ruin, the king had to set aside the woman he thought he wanted and marry a quiet, independent girl with a huge dowry instead.

Redwood herself wasn’t interested in Nat, and she couldn’t care less if he kept his mistress. What she wanted was the power bestowed upon the queen, the same power she needed to help the lowly, destitute, forgotten population of Cold Shore. She realized by making a sacrifice for these kind of people, she might never know what true love was, but she married Nat anyway.

As time dragged on, Redwood found herself falling for her own husband. Although she was in constant denial, his masculinity and his excellent physique affected her like nothing before. She enjoyed Nat’s growing attention on her. He was quick to help her with her missions, and he never forced her to consummate their marriage. Redwood had no way of knowing that Nat, too, was falling for her. She still read too much books for his liking, but underneath her shy exterior, Nat was drawn to her compassion and strength. Unlike his former mistress, Redwood knew what she wanted to do with her life and was willing to see it to the very end.

The couple’s struggle is just one of the many conflicts that complicate Vincala. Author Diamond Spring uses a bevy of characters to examine the power of love over duty, revenge, and even self-control. These are characters who love, lust, hurt and lost at one point or another. Surprisingly, these characters and the scenarios they create are quite relatable despite their royal backgrounds. Indeed, no matter one’s station in life, love is an equalizer, so the king who wins a war doesn’t necessarily win the love of his life and the princess who is regaled by many actually pines for the affection of one man.

In this respect, it’s commendable how Spring explored human emotions and tried to untangle the mess as mere blushing of the cheeks, short intake of breath, an eye-to-eye contact, a touch, an erection can create. All of these—and more—are part and parcel of what we know as love. Duty does complicate it further. And while many of us will never have to choose between a kingdom and a lover, we can all agree that love can break a heart into pieces.

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" Charismatic characters. Captivating. "

— Francesca Wiggins, The BookWalker

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Vincala by Diamond Spring

124 Pages

ISBN 978-1546221463

Review by A Alcott

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Diamond Spring was born in April of 1982 in Indiana. She is currently married with 5 children. She received a Bachelors's degree from IUPUI in 2012 in General Studies with a focus on Math and Science and is currently working on her Masters in Healthcare Management at WGU. Writing has always been a passion for her and hopes that others enjoy her love for it as they read her books.