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Zshonette Reed's Unraveling Atheism is an objective side-by-side presentation of faith and atheism that hopes to destroy straw man arguments, bring the focus back to the core issues of two seemingly opposing philosophies, and fill gaps in between. The book is a healthy, rousing discourse—not a malicious attack on either the believer or the atheist.

Reed wrote the book to cultivate spiritual conversation so believers and nonbelievers alike will grow and advance toward goodwill and lasting peace. How enormous, then, is the gap between faith and atheism?

Reed posits that the fundamental tenets of atheism are not as divergent from mature faith as many believed.

This comparison [between faith and atheism] reveals that the atheist and the mature believer have the same fundamental ideals. Still, the believer is open to additional help to achieve those ideals—help from God. … The fact is, the atheist cannot prove that God does not exist; neither can the believer prove that God does exist. Each can present circumstantial evidence and interpretations of that evidence, but neither can present conclusive evidence that proves or disproves God's existence. So it boils down to a matter of belief—the conclusions reached based on the circumstantial evidence.

Although atheism is defined as the rejection of God or gods' belief, Reed observes that atheists are more commonly offended by religion, religious practices, and religious writings. None of these directly addresses the real issue of God's existence.

People who were once associated with or subjected to abusive religions, people who suffered tragedies or have trauma, and people who grew up in a household without religious affiliation are more likely to reject the belief that God exists. Still, many of these people adopt some form of religious belief later on in life. Worldwide, 16 percent of the population is not affiliated with any form of religion, but the number rises and falls every now and then.

Those who definitively assert that there is no God, those who call themselves agnostic atheists and those who are merely indifferent about God and religion often result in straw man arguments to defend their position. On the other hand, believers can easily become single-minded fanatics or misinterpret central religious principles.

The truth, however, is simple: God is not a religion or a doctrine. There is absolutely no way to prove God exists or disprove that he doesn't. If common grounds are emphasized rather than differences, perhaps the world will be a better place.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Readers will come to understand deeply perplexing questions. It is a heavy topic but light and a liberating read."

— Margaret Palmer-White, The BookWalker, R&D

Book Talk: Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey by Rob Manning_The BookWalker

Unraveling Atheism by Zshonette Reed

66 Pages

ISBN 978-1728322940

Review by A. Alcott

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From childhood, Zshonette had just two goals: to raise healthy children and find God and serve his purpose. So it's no wonder that these are the topics of her writings. Fortunately, she has achieved both of those goals and is willing to share her discoveries in writing.

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