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How will you prepare for the end of the world? Will you hide in the safety of walls that protect you from the dangers of the outside world? Or, will you risk everything and run willingly towards danger in the name of freedom?

In Jeremy Gilder's futuristic dystopian novel, 2055, the character Ewan Mackenzie is faced with the choice between resigning to the prison of his safe walls or to escape to a certain hostile environment outside. This story is set in the year 2055 in a Chinese-governed Australia. The public was faced with two threats. First is the dwindling capacity to produce enough food. Second, the possibility of nuclear war at any given moment. Like many of the public who had access, Ewan purchased an apartment in one of the Chinese-made nuclear-proof structures.

Used to the freedom of living on a farm, Ewan quickly felt that his safe haven is also his prison. Ewan's hope was restored as Olivia, a woman from Ewan's past, appeared. In the chaos, she found her way to Ewan's building. Both found the feelings of the past resurface. Should they stay safe but imprisoned together? Or should they risk everything that they have to be free? Help arrived in the form of unlikely friends that brought all of them to an unexpected turn.

2055 is a story that looks at what the future could be. The year 2055 is not that far from today, and concepts surrounding this story may not be that far from happening. Fans of world politics, science fiction, and dystopian stories will find a good marriage of these elements in the story.

Although 2055 set in the future, it also looks inward to what really matters for us, humans, now and even in the face of possible extinction. It speaks to the traditional values of love, friendship, sacrifice, and courage that might save the world.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Eerie events. Enthralling. "

— Alejandra Doron, The BookWalker

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2055 by Jeremy Gilder

254 Pages

ISBN 978-1504319225

Review by K Manis

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Jeremy Gilder, now 83, has been writing letters, stories, and novels for many years. He finds writing cathartic and enjoys the challenge of getting the words right. As such, he has done quite well in the world of writing Grants for innovative products, but the passions remain for story writing and windsurfing. He is said to be one of the world's oldest windsurfers, sailing in high winds on his 40-year-old board and generally keeping fit. Back in the day, he was selected as a member of Australia's 1956 Olympic Squad (Athletics).

To date, he has written two novels, three children's stories, and a health book. Currently, he is writing "Croc Shoot in the Sixties..."Jeremy's father was an American, one of the first to walk the Kokoda Trail during World War II, and mother a Scot, born in Glasgow. He is a father of 5 grown-up sons and grandfather of 2 teenage boys. He has been married to beautiful wife Robyn for over 50 years, they have traveled extensively and now live in the Byron Bay Region in NSW.

Most of what Jeremy writes comes from direct personal experience, particularly on the land and with a passion for animals. However, he is described as having a vivid imagination, original ideas, and a good understanding of people. His writing is said to appeal to both men and women—men for action, women for tender love—and children for enchanting stories about grandpas and animals."2055", although set 35 years hence, has become a local story. Today, China clearly exhibits its desire to communise the globe - acquiring or investing in critical territorial property assets and establishing supremacy over the US. It also is a tale of a probable future, when many people, including Australians, may be forced to live in nuclear-proof structures, for safety's sake."2055" goes into how this all may play out, including the ultimate human survival possibility of having to go back in time and somehow endure living on the land.

The story revolves around two main characters, a male sheep farmer and a beautiful female scientist. It speaks to the impossibility of living under Chinese rule, the powerful love of these two, and the challenges they will have to overcome to survive in a world decimated by nuclear war. As such, it is an adventure/romance story that will appeal to those who identify with action and challenges as well as those who are looking for or have found profound love.

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