Book Talk: Little Ones by Lori Cameron

May 26, 2020




A story about souls who are waiting to love and eager to give love in return is Lori Cameron’s Little Ones. Join Siberian Huskies Anika and Blusie as they meet a new friend and make room for a young golden retriever in their family.


The story begins with Anika and Blusie finding a young golden retriever who is alone and afraid. They rush to the young dog and try to comfort him. The poor dog is upset because he keeps getting rejected by people. All a little dog like him wants is to be loved and accepted, but he has not found a family that will cherish him forever. Anika and Blusie share the story of where they came from and how they found a family in their mom, Lori. Will little Bailey find the same love that Anika and Blusie have? Will he find a family and a home to love too?



Little Ones is a touching story of Cameron and her dogs. She has rescued many Siberian Huskies since 1997. She has found beautiful and loving companions through them. They represent the purest of love. In Little Ones, Cameron tells Anika’s, Blusie’s, and Bailey’s stories while also contemplating about the shelter and salvation that can only be found through Christ. It reminds us that even in times that we feel most alone, Jesus always has a safe place for us. Just like for Anika, Blusie, and Bailey, love is waiting. This story is an open invitation as Christ himself calls to each one of us “... “Come unto me all you who are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.”



Little Ones is a beautiful mix of a heartwarming story and scripture. It is for longing hearts, young and old. The story of Lori, Anika, Blusie, and Bailey will inspire the readers to keep their hearts open for love and loyal friendship.





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" A nurturing read for all ages. It guides. It nurtures. "

— Alejandra Osen, The BookWalker






Little Ones by Lori Cameron

48 Pages

ISBN 978-1728399188

Review by Sharon Cary



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After many years of tribulation in Canada, I finally found the Lord Jesus Christ, Or should I say, He found me after many years of rejection and abuse.I was led to rescuing Siberian Huskies in 1997, where I set up a home for these beautiful dogs and called it Heaven Sent Home for Dogs. These dogs brought structure to my life and unending joy, I ended up with seven of these precious creatures.My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ come first in my life, then my dogs. The Lord has been helping me with these beautiful creatures all along.In 2014 after working many miracles in my life, the Lord was sending me home to Wales in the UK.



At this time, I had Anika, a beautiful small Siberian Husky who was my joy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the funds to bring Anika, I was so distraught about this; however, the Lord heard my prayer and $2000.00 came forth to pay for Anika to come with me. The Lord provided me with the contacts I would need so that Anika would not have to go in quarantine. Anika came on the same plane with me, and I was united with her on our arrival in the UK.The Lord knew I needed peace and solitude, He gave it to me by providing me with a beautiful bungalow and grounds for my dogs in the breathtaking beauty in the hills of Wales.







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