Book Talk: Write the Book You Want: Be Your Own Coach by Valerie Haynes Perry

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Valerie Haynes Perry’s Write the Book You Want: Be Your Own Coach is a comprehensive self-help book written for writers and aspiring authors. It is built on the premise that an inward-out approach is the best way to finish a book project; meaning, the goal of a writer or an author is to deliver a message and remain true to that despite outside influences, even the well-meaning ones. By persevering on a writer’s unique course, writing a book and getting published becomes an even-more-meaningful journey, not a byproduct of impersonal and hurried processes.

Perry pulls concrete examples from her experience of writing and successfully publishing and marketing her numerous books. She recalls aha moments when a new title leads to a myriad of possibilities, giving birth to yet another story. Throughout her storytelling, she maintains a credible, reassuring voice that is refreshing to find in a sea of self-help books all clamoring to be heard. Perry’s voice is unmistakably clear, firm, reasonable, even authoritative—perhaps a necessity given the seriousness of her topic—but she balances it out with personal anecdotes and helpful insights.

Readers will also appreciate the logical sequence of topics used by the author. She moves from foundational ideas to specific techniques, emphasizing the need for clarity and personal resolve to complete a book project and improve along the process. Lessons on stylistic voice, points of view, the power of the imagination are some of the rudimental aspects of writing that Perry paid careful attention to. Indeed, one cannot and should not rely on accidental success, especially in writing. A writer should be accountable for his or her project and dedicate time and effort to improve his or her craft. It’s not always a smooth ride, but he or she can be his or her very own coach.

It can be easy to complicate things out of habit. To avoid or undo this inclination, simply pause to reflect throughout your process. Ask yourself, “Is this what I want to write? Is it what I should [emphasis not mine] be writing? Listen intently to the answers rather than overthinking the questions. Trust yourself. Move forward from your sense of clarity.

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" Spot on! "

— Faye Lieberman, The BookWalker

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Write the Book You Want: Be Your Own Coach by Valerie Haynes Perry

149 Pages

ISBN 978-8642796115

Review by Alden Scribner

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Valerie Haynes Perry is a native New Yorker who has long called Northern California her home. After doing a lot of rewriting as an editor, she turned to create her own books. To date, she has written novels, a novella, short stories, prose poetry, and vignettes─Valerie is always writing something new! However, much of her focus is on helping other writers start, continue, and finish writing their own books. In fact, she wrote WRITE THE BOOK YOU WANT─BE YOUR OWN COACH to help serious writers, like you, do just that!

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