Book Talk: From Death to Blessing by Laurie Agius

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As much as mental health is now the topic of many conversations in the media, it is still not discussed enough in households. Even less talked about is mental illness. Fear, lack of information, and a host of other reasons has created a barrier preventing many families from talking about mental health and mental illness. As a result, those who are struggling with this area in their life are left to suffer on their own.

Author, Laurie Agius, has struggled with his mental health from a young age. His experiences at home and school have not only been unsupportive of his struggles, but they are also factors that have caused him to hurt in many ways throughout his young life. At home, he is unable to truly express who he is. In school, his identity has prompted his schoolmates to bully and assault him. As an adult, he worked under his brother's name for 12 years at his father's urging. Inwardly, Agius was forced to retreat to survive.

In his book, From Death to Blessing, Agius writes about the arduous journey of his childhood to adulthood. He has suffered and battled with depression, suicide, homosexuality, and alcoholism for a significant part of his life.

More importantly, Agius uses his writing to share another journey, one of healing, forgiveness, and acceptance. Agius has searched for these things in many places and from many people throughout his life. However, he has never received them until he met Jesus Christ.

In his book, he addresses struggles that others, like him, are faced with. Depression, suicide, homosexuality, and addiction was a big part of his life, but his relationship with Jesus has placed dreams and visions in his heart, so he does not have to be defined by his struggles. From Death to Blessing is for those who are struggling with their identity and trying to find themselves in the wrong places. This book is an invitation to believe in the dreams and visions that God has placed in your heart.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" A powerful voice, unpretentious. A profound exploration of one's pasts leading the way to new beginnings. I just love the honesty and openness."

— Andrew Lieberman, The BookWalker

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From Death to Blessing by Laurie Agius

262 Pages

ISBN 978-0648580720

Review by A Lieberman

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Laurie is a 51-year-old male who lives in Wentworthville, west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. At the age of thirteen, he was bullied and physically and emotionally abused. This led to depression and attempted suicide. Later he struggled with homosexuality. Due to these problems, he failed the Higher School Certificate. Then his father convinced him to work under his brother's name for twelve years. He still struggled with these problems. He became a born-again Christian in 1991 and joined Hillsong Church. He still struggled with these problems. He joined a support group called Living Waters to deal with his difficulties, which finally left him when he got a job under his real name. He joined the Hillsong choir and recorded seven albums. He began writing lyrics for songs; he has written 229 songs. He began piano lessons and has performed eleven piano concerts. He joined F.G.B.M.F.I. and met a guy who put music to fourteen of his songs. After one year, he left, but he believes he will record these songs one day. He believes in the dreams and visions God has given him.