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A murder mystery set against a background of corporate greed, climate change, and parapsychology is Mallory O'connor's Epiphany's Gift.

Epiphany left her parent's home in Ohio to pursue her gifts. From a young age, Epiphany has had visions, heard voices, seen patterned lights that surround family and friends, and caught glimpses of figures that are not visible to most people. Now, returning to her hometown, Epiphany is a psychic medium working in the spiritualist community of Watoolahatchee, Florida. What was supposed to be a trip to visit her aging mother does not go as planned. She is swept into mysterious art theft, a murder, and a series of natural disasters that endangers her hometown.

Upon arriving in Ohio, she is contacted by her mentor, Dr. John Bernhardt, to enlist her psychic abilities in finding a stolen artwork. Dr. Bernhardt also believes that the localized earthquakes the community is experiencing are the result of fracking operations. After publishing his theories, Epiphany's mentor dies of an apparent heart attack.

Dr. John Bernhardt's ghosts appeared to Epiphany to reveal that he was murdered. Now, Epiphany must find his killer and the stolen artwork as well as continue Dr. John Bernhardt's quest for justice amidst the escalating earthquakes.

Epiphany's Gift talks about real-world issues that immediately resonate, especially with those in tune with the environmental issues happening in the United States and all over the world. It brings to light the effects of corporate greed, hydraulic fracturing specifically, to the families and communities surrounding them.

Whichever side of the environmental conversation you are in, Epiphany's Gift is a page-turning thriller filled with twists and turns. The book uses the Parapsychic to add a vibrant depth to an already multi-layered story. The book becomes a compelling and fast-paced tale with the unlikely heroine at the center of this mysterious storm.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Mallory O' Connor's book Epiphany's Gift rolls along at the breakneck speed and with all the excitement and entertainment of the Saturday morning movie sequels of the past. It does so in such a captivating way that it's dark and demanding theme enters your consciousness with little effort. And what makes it special is that the author manages to do this without sending the reader into a depressive state. Rather, this is a book in which Awareness breeds Hope reminding us that individuals of courage and conviction can bring about worthwhile and vital changes. While you enjoy the compelling, and yes--tasty--mystery as it slowly is discovered, we gain important didactic knowledge of the deep conspiracy of control that a small number of soulless individuals exerts over our daily lives. And while we are distracted by the demands of an increasingly challenging daily struggle, the vast tragedy of the destruction of our planet and our collective futures too often goes unnoticed. I highly recommend this superb book by a very gifted author. "

— George, Amazon Readers' Review

" What a fascinating and interesting book! Along with an exciting mystery story, the reader learns about environmental concerns, science, and parapsychology. The whole issue of fracking becomes vivid and real as one reads about it as experienced by particular individuals rather than as an abstract problem. The passages describing nature and landscape are vivid and beautiful. I heartily recommend this book and I hope that there will be future books about Epiphany Mayall."

— DK, Amazon Readers' Review

" I enjoyed Epiphany as a fictional character but not so much as a psychic. Her visions on demand spoil the credibility of the plot. Time is not well handled in this book, though place is much clearer."

—JLM, Amazon Readers' Review

" Epiphany’s Gift is a supernatural, magical realism book by Mallory M. O’Connor. It is about a woman named Epiphany, who has psychic abilities passed down to her from generations in her family. The book follows Epiphany, with her family, friends, and others she meets along her journey to solve a crime, which unravels into a deeper problem. What starts out as a favor, turns into a murder investigation along with revelations of greed. Epiphany, along with her accomplices, begins to find deep-seated corruption within the different levels of government, along with multiple layers of deception while discovering good versus evil.I have to say that I absolutely love this book by O’Connor. It was intriguing from the get-go, capturing my attention from the first few pages. I was hooked and drawn into this world of psychic phenomenon set in the modern day world, tackling such a deep-rooted and relevant issue such as global warming. I am familiar with the area and the issue as well and found it to be relatable. The realism of all the natural disasters and how companies cover up the negative side effects were not only intriguing but terrifying to think about."

— DK, Amazon Readers' Review

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Epiphany's Gift by Mallory M. O'Connor

286 Pages

ISBN 978-1480876811

Review by K Manis

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Award-winning author Mallory M. O'Connor is a writer, art historian, musician, and professor emerita at Santa Fe College, where she taught art history and served as director of the Santa Fe Art Gallery. O'Connor holds master's degrees in American history and art history from Ohio University and has also lived in California, Ohio, Florida, Mexico, and Tennessee.

She is the author of two non-fiction art history books published by the University Press of Florida. Since retiring from her position at SFC, Mallory has published four novels, the American River Trilogy. Book One, American River: Tributaries, was published in 2017 and recently won First Prize in the Fiction Category from Northern California Publishers and Authors. The book also won the President's Award for Fiction from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (2018) and a Literary Titan silver medal for fiction (2018). Her most recent book is Epiphany's Gift, a paranormal sci-fi thriller published in April 2019.

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