Book Talk: John Carter: Soldier, Business Tycoon, Politician by Harry Hurst

What one man can do for his country and what the country he loves can do for him is the story of John Carter: Soldier, Business Tycoon, Politician by author Harry Hurst.

John Carter took an oath at seventeen to support and defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The oath he took as a young man became a successful military career, earning him numerous awards that they barely fit on his left breast pocket. John is a decorated military man with several awards that he earned more than once.

John had a rough start in life. Although his family owned a successful oil field and industrial supply business, his parents died in a car crash when he was young. He had a hard time growing up and would always get in trouble. Perhaps the turning point of his life was when enlisted in the US Army at seventeen. His love for his country shaped John to be the man he has become.

Now in his fifties, John was called into the Oval Office to enact a confidential mission that could change the future of the United States and the world. To set his plans in motion, he calls on the help of people that he trusts with his life.

Author, Harry Hurst, is no stranger to the inner workings of the United States military. He served for 20 years in the United States Army. During his service, he had a variety of assignments within the United States and overseas. His experience has lent a deep knowledge and realism to the story of John Carter.

John Carter: Soldier, Business Tycoon, Politician is a story of how a man managed to adapt to the changing times and always coming out with integrity. It shows a man devoted to those he loves, his family, friends, and country.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" At the heart of this book is a meaningful message about life's purpose. It is certainly timely in what's going on in the world. Charming read!"

— Katrina Clarke, The BookWalker

John Carter: Soldier, Business Tycoon, Politician by Harry Hurst

644 Pages

ISBN 978-1645520375

Review by K Clarke

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Harry Hurst is a retired United States Army Non-Commissioned Officer with 20 plus years of service. During his Army service, Harry has a variety of assignments both within the United States and overseas. After retirement from the Army, Harry served as a Deputy Sherriff and a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. Harry attended college with studies in Criminal Justice and Business Management. He and his wife currently reside in Florida.

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