Book Talk: From the Shadows by Russell Foster

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Blurring the lines between dreams, the world as we know it, and other realms is Russell Foster's From The Shadows. The story follows a young man who is at the crossroads of two realities while still facing the grief of his parent's untimely deaths.

David Solomon is haunted by dreams that are so vivid, he is often unsure if all of it is only a figment of his imagination. One particular dream that haunts him is about the day that his parents died. In his dreams, he hears warnings before the accident that took away his parents' lives. After their car crashed, he attempted to save them but was stopped by an old man from doing so.

In reality, David was not there when his parents died. He has been away on a school trip to France. There was nothing that David could have done at that moment to save them. Or was there? Are his dreams the bridge between his reality and other dimensions?

After the death of his parents, David is put into foster care. There, he meets new friends. Together, they go on an adventure that none of them have even dreamed of previously. David and his friends journey through the forces of darkness. Young as they are, they must fulfill an ancient prophecy to protect many, including themselves. David must now depend on the support of his friends and his gut so he can defeat the Dark Lord of Melanopia, Ahriman and his army.

From the Shadows is a modern-day David and Goliath story set in a fantasy realm created by Russel Foster. Fans of young adult fiction and fantasy will enjoy uncovering new worlds and journeying along with the battle between good versus evil. It is a captivating story that transports the readers into David's world and allows them to follow him seamlessly into other realms.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Absolutely amazing. Brilliant story and kept me captured at all times. Didn't want to put it down. Was gutted when I finished it. "

— Nikki Bailey, Amazon Reader's Review

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From the Shadows by Russell Foster

198 Pages

ISBN 978-1728396163

Review by K Manis

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Chris Foster and Rikki Russell are friends who have been collaborating on stories since 2013. Chris is an Autism specialist who works closely with young people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and is developing his own business in training people to give them a much deeper understanding of Autism. Rikki works as a retail manager with a background in hospitality and entertainment via holiday resorts and Cruise Ships.Together, they have discovered a combined passion for storytelling and are looking forward to many more ventures in this field.

We met through work, supporting young adults with autism. During this time, we found that we shared an interest in spirituality as well as the dream of writing and publishing our own stories. Within a few months, we started the story board for From the Shadows. Due to family and work commitments, the journey took longer than anticipated, but fast forward 7 years and the first copy of our self published novel was ready and on sale via the internet. We hope you enjoy our first foray into the literary world and are looking forward to collaborating on the next installment.

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